December 25, 2011 / BY KIRA SHEPHERD Your Take: Merger fails but Blacks win

This month, AT&T dropped its plans to merge with T-Mobile. Check out this op-ed in The Root in which ColorOfChange Executive Director Rashad Robinson discusses why the merger's failure was a significant win for Blacks, and the need for an open Internet. Here are some excepts from the article:

The announcement this month that the proposed merger has been stopped is a significant victory in the effort to ensure that all members of our community have affordable access to phone and Internet services. By blocking the merger, we have kept mobile service affordable during these tough economic times...

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December 15, 2011 / BY CAMPAIGN STAFF AG Holder to investigate state voter ID laws

On Tuesday, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the U.S. Department of Justice will work to combat attacks on voter rights. Holder said that he plans to conduct a comprehensive "ongoing review of these and other state law changes" and pointed to Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act and his office's power to challenge discriminatory laws.

For the nearly 5 million Americans who face disenfranchisement in 2012, the stakes couldn't be higher. 

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December 12, 2011 / BY CAMPAIGN STAFF Tell Congress: Fund Pell Grants

Last Friday, we launched a campaign demanding that Congress fully fund Pell Grants, the leading college assistance program for low-income students. Nearly 30,000 ColorOfChange members have already signed the petition, urging their representatives to reject attempts by the House Appropriations Committee to cut $3.6 billion from the program's budget, effectively ending Pell for as many as 1 million students.

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December 09, 2011 / BY CAMPAIGN STAFF California's 'top cop' investigates bank industry

When California ColorOfChange members went to the polls last year to help elect Kamala Harris as the state's Attorney General, this was exactly the type of bold action they were hoping Harris would deliver. Harris, California's first elected black DA and the nation’s first elected South Asian DA, announced this week that she would ally with Nevada's AG to investigate misconduct and fraud in the mortgage industry. In other words, Harris said 'no' to an in-the-works plan to let the big banks off with a $20 million settlement-- a slap on the wrist that in no way compensates for the devastation brought on by their predatory practices.

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December 08, 2011 / BY CAMPAIGN STAFF Millions disenfranchised

Today, launched a campaign calling for corporations to stop funding the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC has drafted and distributed model legislation that appears to be the inspiration for restrictive and discriminatory voter ID bills advanced in numerous state legislatures this year, bills that would require voters to produce specified types of photo identification at the polls.

Voter ID laws unreasonably increase barriers to voting access, with a disproportionate impact on black people and other people of color, young people, the elderly and the poor. The new laws will disenfranchise as many as 5 million Americans. 

Check out the email that we sent to our more than 800,000 members today and join the campaign!

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December 08, 2011 / BY DANI MCCLAIN Black smartphone users have a lot to lose

Do you use your cell phone to check email, post to Twitter or otherwise get online? If so, the investigation of the telecommunications industry that Colorlines published this week is a must-read.

Between the in-depth reporting and the easy-to-grasp infographics, the article provides the clear explanation that racial justice organizations working on telecom issues have been waiting for. News Editor Jamilah King lays out the "why" behind the often repeated stats about Black and Latino communities' disproportionate reliance on our cell phones to access the Internet. She also explains what motivates the competing forces facing off on net neutrality (oh, and what "net neutrality" even means), and how this policy fight has unfolded in the past four decades.

Read the rest at Loop21:

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December 07, 2011 / BY DANI MCCLAIN Public sector cuts hurt Black America

As we reported last week, Black unemployment was up in November despite news that joblessness overall is on the decline. A recent New York Times report offers some clues as to what's going on.

Long before public sector jobs were placed on the chopping block by Republican governors like Wisconsin's Scott Walker and Ohio's John Kasich, they were the path to the middle class for many African Americans. Long before Congressional Republicans decided that government jobs don't count as real work, they were how we bought homes and sent children to college. Now they're under attack. And by extension, so are Black families.

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December 05, 2011 / BY CAMPAIGN STAFF Remembering Troy Davis' sister

After a long battle with breast cancer, Martina Correia, sister of the late Troy Davis, passed away on December 1, 2011. Correia will be remembered for her tireless efforts to save her brother's life. ColorOfChange members organized against Davis' execution. Martina's work as a human rights advocate is an inspiration.


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December 02, 2011 / BY CAMPAIGN STAFF Proposed AT&T / T-Mobile merger continues to fall apart

The AT&T and T-Mobile deal just hit another major roadblock. First, the Department of Justice let the telecom giants know that it would stand with consumers against the monopoly move and reject the deal. And now the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has weighed in with a withering report that indicates they also understand what's at risk.


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December 02, 2011 / BY MATT NELSON Black unemployment increased in November

In what's been called hopeful economic news, the nation’s unemployment rate dropped to 8.6% in November. While the new unemployment figures may make for good headlines, they ring hollow to the 14 million people currently out of work. Black Americans are hit nearly twice as hard as the rest of the nation.

According to the UC Berkeley Labor Center, 15.5% of Black people were unemployed last month. This was a slight increase from October, when unemployment in the Black community stood at 15.1%. The unemployment rate in November was 7.6% among Whites and 11.4% among Latinos. The unemployment rate for African-American teenagers hovers around a staggering 40%.

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December 01, 2011 / BY CAMPAIGN STAFF Oregon says no to the death penalty

Last week Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber announced that no more executions would occur during his time in office. The announcement came after he halted an execution that was set to take place this month. In the wake of the devastating execution of Troy Davis in Georgia and at a time when many elected officials are reexamining their stance on the death penalty, is public opinion shifting?

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