October 31, 2011 / BY CAMPAIGN STAFF The Jim Crow South: Alabama Immigration

UPDATE: (11/21/11) Check out this Colorlines article by Elon James White on black labor leaders and Alabama's immigration policy.

"They feel if these Hispanics come in and get registered to vote, they will team up with Black voters to take over Alabama politics."

That's how State Rep. Alvin Holmes, a senior Black member of Alabama's legislature responded recently to immigration law HB 56. Some have likened the new law to the type of codified racism that was common during the Jim Crow Era. With his recent statement, Holmes acknowledged Alabama's long history of racialized terror and its role in controlling the political landscape.

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October 23, 2011 / BY CAMPAIGN STAFF The NYPD: 'To Serve and Protect' the status quo

When Stephen Anderson testified in early October that planting drugs on people had become regular practice in the New York Police Department, the news validated what many NYC residents and victims of abusive police practices have long known. When officers face pressure to increase arrests, communities -- especially communities of color and low-income communities -- suffer. As ColorofChange celebrates a campaign victory in the fight to end discrinatory marijuana arrests in NYC, Anderson's story reminds us just how entrenched corruption is in our criminal justice system.

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October 21, 2011 / BY CAMPAIGN STAFF Occupy Wall Street: Where do we fit in?

As the second month of Occupy Wall Street got off the ground, artist Jasiri X and director Paradise Gray set powerful images to a hip hop beat—bringing a familiar tone to a movement some people of color are tuning out. It's easy to look at images of predominately White protestors taking to the streets and reports of missteps and wonder whether Occupy Wall Street is really welcoming or relevant to Black people.

Challenging our financial system may be a new rally call for some of OWS participants, but Black folks can point to generations of intimate experiences with economic injustice and a deep knowledge of movement building. Can the movement channel this knowledge?

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October 21, 2011 / BY DANI MCCLAIN Welcome to the ColorOfChange Blog

Welcome to the new blog! Today's launch is part of our ongoing effort to provide the ColorOfChange community with opportunities to be in conversation with our staff and each other. We have a six-year track record of engaging you in rapid response online campaigns that have lasting impact, and we see this blog as yet another path to advancing political power for Black America and our allies.

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