APRIL 20, 2012 / BY CAMPAIGN STAFF ALEC admits to "getting absolutely killed in social media"

According to Caitlyn Korb, Director of External Affairs at the American Legislative Exchange Council, her employer has been "getting absolutely killed in social media venues" ever since ColorOfChange members began calling on corporations to stop funding ALEC. Check out this video, which is excerpted from the Heritage Foundation's weekly bloggers briefing.

In it, Korb works hard to mislead her audience about our efforts. Around 1:45, she alleges that ColorOfChange and our partners have said that ALEC "killed Trayvon Martin." The cynical and dishonest allegations abound. But nowhere does she mention ALEC's involvement in discriminatory voter ID laws or so-called "stand your ground" legislation, even though the group just backed away from the task force that created the model bills.

Over at Mother Jones, there's a great analysis of Korb's talk that draws heavily from PR Watch research. Check it out here, and let us know what you think in the comments section.