AUGUST 24, 2012 / BY AIM√ČE CASTENELL Mitt Romney's Dog Whistle Politics

Earlier today at a campaign event in Commerce, Michigan, presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney joked about his Michigan roots, "No one's ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that [Ann and I] were born and raised."

Mitt Romney is no stranger to the conspiratorial racism of the "birther" movement. Back in May, ColorOfChange launched a campaign asking him to repudiate the remarks of vocal birther movement frontliner and Romney campaign surrogate, Donald Trump.

ColorOfChange Executive Director Rashad Robinson said in a statement,

"Whether it's hanging out with Donald Trump or joking with supporters in Michigan, it's clear that Mitt Romney is willing to do anything for a vote. At this point in the campaign, these are no longer just off-the-cuff remarks — they are deliberate attempts to revive birther rhetoric, appealing to the basest racisim. We should all be asking, is Mitt Romney interested in being a president for all Americans?"

We've seen this kind of thing before from Republicans this election season. Only a few weeks ago we called out Representative Joe Walsh for his racially inflammatory comments on the campaign trail. Next week, Republicans head to Tampa, FL for the Republican National Convention to showcase the future leaders of their party. We will be watching closely and hoping that the party leaders won't continue to resort to fear-based dog whistle politics and instead focus on substantive issues this election season. These divisive strategies undermine democracy at every level. 

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