AUGUST 09, 2012 / BY AIM√ČE CASTENELL Joe Walsh thinks we need to "Get a life"

Earlier this afternoon Talking Points Memo published Joe Walsh's flippant and dismissive response to ColorofChange Executive Director Rashad Robinson's statement decrying Mr. Walsh's infantalizing speech in which he referred to President Obama as "son." According to Walsh, "My first reaction was to laugh. I don't know who this group was and I would love to look them in the eyes and say, 'Get a life.'"

This level of discourse has become a sad pattern for the representative. He has a well-documented history of using coded, racialized language to encourage his supporters to discredit President Obama's leadership and to incite fear and hatred.

Just yesterday, after the racially motivated and horrific massacre at a Sikh Gurudwara in Wisconsin and the tragic mosque burning in Joplin, MO Walsh was heard going on an anti-Islam tirade during a town hall meeting in Elk Grove Village, IL where he made claims that a "radical strain of Islam" threatens America and that "Muslims are trying to kill Americans every week."

Unfortunately, we don't see the humor in Rep. Walsh's racially inflammatory language. Remarks such as these go beyond political incorrectness. Not only is this rhetoric unwarranted, but we believe it is also dangerous-- both to the general political discourse and to the very lives and livelihoods of the members of the ColorOfChange community. 

At we are closely monitoring race baiting, misinformation and discriminatory campaign tactics during the 2012 elections so that we can hold public figures accountable.