AUGUST 09, 2012 / BY CAMPAIGN STAFF Stop and Frisk: The Stories Behind the Numbers

Recently, the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) released its report, "Stop and Frisk - The Human Impact: The Stories Behind the Numbers, the Effect on our Communities". CCR conducted hundreds of interviews and heard testimonies from communities living under the weight of an unprecedented explosion of the NYPD's practice. The report offers evidence of racial profiling, improper arrests, harassment, and violence at the hands of the NYPD as a result of their Stop and Frisk program.

The New York City Police Department improperly stops and frisks thousands of people every day. Just last year, the NYPD conducted nearly 700,000 stops and most of the folks that were stopped were innocent of any wrongdoing. For New Yorkers, especially young Black and Latino males the humiliating experience of being stopped and frisked has become a daily part of life. Recently, a Subway activist filmed a NYPD officer using unnecessary force during a stop — the officer repeatedly slammed the 19 year old to the ground and placed him in a choke hold.  

Black New Yorkers as a result of frequent stops experience lasting emotional, psychological, social and or economic harm. Perhaps the most telling quotes about the emotional impact of stop and frisk came from one of the people CCR interviewed for the report: "It's so frequent, we don't even talk about it or complain about it. It's to be expected."  

The NYPD's Stop and Frisk program severely threatens public safety and civil liberties throughout the five boroughs. If you haven't already raised your voice please join our campaign calling for an immediate end to this kind of racially-biased, dangerous policing.