JULY 10, 2012 / BY CAMPAIGN STAFF BREAKING: Five more major companies leave ALEC

Companies are still fleeing the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the right-wing lobby group responsible for pushing discriminatory voter ID laws throughout the country.

Today, ColorOfChange.org announced that it has received word from five new companies that say they will no longer fund ALEC. John Deere, CVS Caremark, MillerCoors, HP, and Best Buy have all made the decision to end their membership in the organization, joining the roughly 20 companies that have already parted ways with ALEC since ColorOfChange members began demanding an end to corporate-sponsored voter suppression. 

We applaud these corporations for making the right decision and hope that more companies follow suit. We also appreciate the efforts of the Center for Media and Democracy, which launched ALECexposed.org last summer to highlight the corporations and politicians that vote on ALEC "model" bills. The site also documented that the controversial Stand Your Ground and Voter ID laws that have swept the nation were approved by ALEC corporations and politicians as national priorities.