JULY 18, 2012 / BY FANNA GAMAL WATCH: New Jasiri X track on surviving Stop and Frisk

In New York City and nationwide, people are stepping up efforts to end discriminatory Stop and Frisk policies that damage lives and communities. Now the movement to stop these police practices has a new anthem: the Jasiri X song "10 Frisk Commandments," which he released today in partnership with This Week in Blackness.

The song tells a painful but real story about the encounters many in Black and Brown communities know all too well. In the process, Jasiri X offers a code of conduct for surviving police harassment.

The song is especially relevant to the ColorOfChange community, which is calling on New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to end the practice. And with other major U.S. cities gearing up to replicate the program, Jasiri's words ring truer then ever.

Watch the track and share it with your family and friends. And if you haven't already raised your voice against Stop and Frisk, please join us here.