JUNE 11, 2012 / BY CAMPAIGN STAFF Why is Johnson & Johnson still standing by ALEC?

UPDATE: (06/12/2012) Johnson & Johnson announces it has dropped ALEC membership

Last week, we started running radio ads highlighting the relationship between Johnson & Johnson and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). The ads are running in four cities, including one close to the company's New Jersey headquarters.

Listen to the ads here, then check out our op-ed on in today's Star-Ledger. And if you haven't already joined our campaign calling on corporations to cut ties with ALEC, please join us here. From the op-ed:

Late last month, Wal-Mart became the latest company to cut support for the American Legislative Exchange Council, a group recently exposed for its efforts to pass racially discriminatory voter ID laws and undermine the democratic process by promoting corporate interests.

Despite losing the support of 18 corporations in recent months, ALEC maintains a shadowy presence in many states across the country, including New Jersey. It’s time that major companies based in New Jersey, including Johnson & Johnson, realize that membership in ALEC is bad for their customers and bad for the state. MORE