September 24, 2013 / BY KIM LEHMKUHL Yelp! joins ALEC in midst of Zimmerman murder trial

Yelp! chose to become a private sector member of ALEC (and a member of ALEC's Civil Justice Task Force) as recently as June 28 of this year. This has since been confirmed by Yelp!'s Director of Public Policy, Luther Lowe, who also admitted on Twitter that he "can't ignore" the damage ALEC has done.

Why would Yelp! voluntarily seek to join an organization with ALEC's well-documented track record of attacks on the fundamental rights of Black folks and other people of color — particularly after more than 50 other private sector members have chosen to cease funding ALEC and publicly disassociate themselves from the group?

Today, ColorOfChange is launching a new site that makes it easy to "Tell Yelp! No," and will deliver users' comments directly to Yelp!'s CEO Jeremy Stoppelman. Take a moment to let Yelp! know what you think of its decision to fund ALEC now.

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September 09, 2013 / BY KIM LEHMKUHL Verizon's plan to ruin the Internet

Today, telecom giant Verizon will argue in the D.C. Circuit Court that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has no power whatsoever to regulate the Internet. The company's lawsuit, Verizon v. FCC, seeks to strip the agency of its ability to review any Internet-related issues, including protections for consumer privacy, redress for fraudulent billing practices, and enforcement of commitments to providing universal broadband access.

Want to know what the Internet would look like — and cost — if Verizon and its buddies in Big Telecom and the cable industry have their way? Check out The Internet Must Go, a new video launching today featuring our Executive Director Rashad Robinson, our friends at Free Press and Public Knowledge, Sen. Al Franken, comedian John Hodgman, and many more.

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July 14, 2013 / BY JAMAR HOOKS George Zimmerman acquitted on all charges

The admitted fatal shooting of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin by self-appointed neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman last spring ignited a national debate on racial profiling and the criminalization of Black youth. Today, Zimmerman is a free man after he was acquitted of all charges by a mostly-white jury in Seminole County, Florida.

We're still fighting for justice for Trayvon — and we need your help. Together, we can turn our grief and frustration into a movement to hold the criminal justice system accountable. We're calling on US Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division to bring federal charges against Zimmerman. Read the email we sent to our members, and join the movement to end the senseless violence perpetrated by vigilantes and police due to racial profiling.

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June 27, 2013 / BY MATT NELSON ACTION: Block ALEC's predatory bail bonding law in Wisconsin

UPDATE: 7/1/13 Yesterday, Gov. Walker signed the state budget and rejected the ALEC-influenced provision to re-institutionalized private bail bond companies and bounty hunters. Walker cited strong opposition and concerns about the provision as reason for his veto.

Wisconsin's notoriously far-right Governor, Scott Walker, is set to sign a budget bill this Sunday which includes reinstating bail bonding for profit. This legislation, written by a corporate bail bond company that sits on the board of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), would effectively privatize key government criminal justice responsibilities without any oversight or accountability—creating a profit driven incentive to determine who will remain in jail while awaiting trial.

Bail bonding for profit was banned in Wisconsin 32 years ago because of the system's inherent problems — corruption, bounty hunters, depletion of state funds, and unfair burdens on low-income individuals. Judges, court clerks, sheriffs and other legal officials strongly oppose the plan. The Governor can still veto the provision, as he did 2 years ago after agreeing that significant issues on how to regulate the private bail bond industry needed to be addressed.

Please join us in calling on Gov. Scott Walker to veto this unnecessary budget provision that would dangerously commodify accused Wisconsinites, and let bounty hunters track down those who don't show up for court. Contact info and a sample script after the jump.

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March 07, 2013 / BY CAMPAIGN STAFF ALEC "model" ban on municipal broadband hits Georgia statehouse

UPDATE (03/08/13): After more than 1,500 Georgia ColorOfChange members rallied to action, Georgia's House resoundingly rejected HB 282 on a bipartisan 70-94 vote.

Today, the Georgia House of Representatives is voting on a bill to ban local governments from creating broadband Internet networks even when most residents have no option for private broadband service. HB 282 is being pushed by Big Telecom, and got its start as a "model" bill from the corporate bill mill the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

We're urging Georgia lawmakers to reject this giveaway to the telecom industry and protect the right to connect for all communities. Read the email we sent to our members after the jump, and if you live in Georgia please urge your Representative to vote NO on HB 282.

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January 18, 2013 / BY CAMPAIGN STAFF Stop the NRA's attacks on the First Family

Today, ColorOfChange launched a campaign urging TV network executives to refuse to air the National Rifle Association's (NRA) deeply offensive ad attacking President Obama's family. The NRA's ad centers on its ill-conceived demand for armed officers or guards in every American school, then suggests that Sasha and Malia shouldn't get Secret Service protection unless the President defers to the NRA's agenda. Dragging the president's children into this fight is a troubling new low — even for the NRA's notoriously callous leadership.

The NRA offers no sustainable solutions to reduce gun violence in our communities. Its ad is solely intended to whip up anger and paranoia at the president and his family. Together we can make sure that TV executives understand that the NRA's indefensible attack ad has no place in our homes. Check out the ad for yourself, and then read the email we sent to our members below and be sure to take action here.

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January 09, 2013 / BY CAMPAIGN STAFF Rashad Robinson: "We understand that the NRA doesn't do its work alone"

ColorOfChange Executive Director Rashad Robinson appeared on Current TV's The War Room Friday to discuss our campaign urging ALEC's corporate funders to take a stand against profit-driven gun violence. Thanks to ALEC's deep, decades-long relationship with the NRA, a hard push to enact "model" bills designed to expand the gun market — at any cost — has long been a cornerstone of ALEC's legislative agenda.

ALEC is the driving force behind the infamous "gun show loophole" widely discussed in the 1990s, more accurately described as a private sale loophole. In over 30 states, the loophole permits anyone who isn't a licensed firearms dealer to sell an unlimited number of guns with no criminal background check or mental health check — and with no real liability for making sales to straw purchasers engaged in gun trafficking. Unsurprisingly, ALEC's loophole now drives 40% of all gun sales in the United States.

ALEC's work to ensure that as many people purchase as many guns as possible, knowing that more guns mean more homicide, is why we're demanding that corporations cut ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council. Watch the video above and join our campaign.

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January 04, 2013 / BY JOHNNY MATHIAS Tell ALEC's corporate funders to stop sanctioning profit-driven gun violence

For decades, the NRA and ALEC have worked hand in glove to pass legislation designed to increase gun sales — regardless of the human cost. In the wake of the shooting tragedy in Newtown, the NRA has unabashedly called for even more guns in our communities, recommitting itself to blocking commonsense efforts to reduce gun violence.

That's why today ColorOfChange launched a campaign highlighting ALEC's relationship with the NRA and renewing our call to ALEC's corporate funders to cut ties with the group. It's time these corporations draw the line: continuing to fund ALEC helps push NRA-drafted gun access laws that devastate our communities, and elevates gun industry profits over human lives.

Check out the email we sent to ColorOfChange members today, and join us here.

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November 30, 2012 / BY FANNA GAMAL Black teenager killed over loud music, echoes Trayvon case

Last Friday, Jordan Russell Davis, a 17-year-old Florida high school student, was shot and killed during a dispute over loud music with Michael David Dunn, 45. According to Davis' father, the teenager was unarmed.

It's hard to ignore how closely the circumstances of the case echo the shooting of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed Florida teenager who was shot less than a year ago. ColorOfChange members spoke out against Florida's "Shoot First" law, which shielded Trayvon's killer from arrest and prosecution. Now, Black communities are once again feeling the devastating impact of "Shoot First," which will likely be invoked by Dunn's legal defense.

Join us in redoubling our efforts to demand that state government officials oppose "Shoot First" laws where they are under consideration and repeal them where they are in place. Read the email we sent to our members after the jump.

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November 02, 2012 / BY LYLA BUGARA GOP, employers working together to coerce workers' votes

UPDATE: 1/8/13 Wendy's fast food chain has cut down the hours of 100 workers to only 28 hrs/week, just below the 32 hrs/week required to qualify for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

UPDATE: 11/14/12 Murray Energy has fired 160 workers. Both Papa John's Pizza and Applebee's have threatened to fire workers due to Obama's re-election and the myth that the Affordable Care Act will cause excessive financial burdens.

High-profile Republican politicians and business owners have launched a coordinated effort to deliver votes to the GOP — by threatening workers' jobs.

Major companies such as Murray Energy, Rite-Hite, Wynn Resorts, and the Koch Brothers' Georgia-Pacific are leveraging intense pressure on their employees to vote against President Obama, or else. In the words of Westgate Resorts CEO David Siegel: "The economy doesn’t currently pose a threat to your job. What does threaten your job however, is another 4 years of the same Presidential administration."

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