June 27, 2013 / BY MATT NELSON ACTION: Block ALEC's predatory bail bonding law in Wisconsin

UPDATE: 7/1/13 Yesterday, Gov. Walker signed the state budget and rejected the ALEC-influenced provision to re-institutionalized private bail bond companies and bounty hunters. Walker cited strong opposition and concerns about the provision as reason for his veto.

Wisconsin's notoriously far-right Governor, Scott Walker, is set to sign a budget bill this Sunday which includes reinstating bail bonding for profit. This legislation, written by a corporate bail bond company that sits on the board of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), would effectively privatize key government criminal justice responsibilities without any oversight or accountability—creating a profit driven incentive to determine who will remain in jail while awaiting trial.

Bail bonding for profit was banned in Wisconsin 32 years ago because of the system's inherent problems — corruption, bounty hunters, depletion of state funds, and unfair burdens on low-income individuals. Judges, court clerks, sheriffs and other legal officials strongly oppose the plan. The Governor can still veto the provision, as he did 2 years ago after agreeing that significant issues on how to regulate the private bail bond industry needed to be addressed.

Please join us in calling on Gov. Scott Walker to veto this unnecessary budget provision that would dangerously commodify accused Wisconsinites, and let bounty hunters track down those who don't show up for court. Contact info and a sample script after the jump.

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April 30, 2012 / BY CAMPAIGN STAFF Gov. Scott Walker faces WI recall without help of voter ID bill

This weekend, The New York Times ran an article about the Obama campaign's efforts to educate people nationwide about the voter ID laws that threaten to suppress the vote in the upcoming election.

The report came days after news broke that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker -- a major proponent of the ALEC-manufactured bills -- will not benefit from his state's in his upcoming recall election because of two recent appeals court rulings.

More than two dozen states, including Wisconsin, have passed restrictive voter ID bills since the last presidential election. Check out the NYT article to learn more about what these laws entail...

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