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Color Of Change helps you do something real about injustice.

We design campaigns powerful enough to end practices that unfairly hold Black people back, and champion solutions that move us all forward. Until justice is real.
  • A Toolkit for Reimagining Safety

    One year after George Floyd was murdered, our fight continues to alter a system that continues to threaten, harm, and kill Black people. Chauvin's trial may be over, but the movement for racial justice is not. See how we're advocating for systemic change.
  • Stand with Justice for Greenwood!

    Tulsa’s leaders repeatedly denied reparations to the descendants and survivors of the Tulsa Race Massacre. Now, on the 100th anniversary, the Centennial Commission and city received $30 million for its celebration. We're demanding they give 80% to those still waiting for justice.
  • DOJ, Investigate the Minneapolis PD

    One guilty verdict for one officer is not enough. Chauvin isn't the only abusive cop in Minneapolis. We’re calling on the DOJ to investigate police departments with a track record of threatening Black lives — for civil rights violations and inappropriate use of force.
  • Fire the Cop Who Killed Daunte

    Brooklyn police officer Kim Potter murdered Daunte Wright. And she knows how to cover it up because she helped other cops avoid accountability as a former police union president. She resigned to try to escape punishment but we continue to fight for justice.
  • Congress, End Qualified Immunity

    Qualified immunity stops us from holding police officers accountable for the lives they've taken and harms they’ve inflicted on Black people. We need accountability — to do that, we have to repeal laws that unfairly protect police.
  • Biden, Protect Black Migrants

    The Biden Administration has sent 1,300 Haitian migrants including babies and pregnant women back to Haiti during a violent political crisis. Many more have been locked in cages in detention centers. For years the U.S. backed Haiti's dictatorship. We can't turn our back on Haitians now.
  • Black Patients' Guide to COVID-19 Vaccine Out Now

    Color Of Change teamed up Dr. Ruth Arumala to share best practices for combatting COVID-19 in the Black community. Get answers to your questions about the vaccine, distribution, and how to protect yourself.
  • Tell Biden to Eliminate Student Debt

    For too long, Black people have been trapped in lifelong, impossible-to-repay student loans. With the pandemic, people are struggling just to make rent and stay afloat. Now's the time for our president to cancel student debt.
  • Hold Companies Accountable for the Insurrection

    Toyota, JetBlue, AT&T, T-Mobile and Cigna are backing out of promises to pull funding from members of Congress who supported the insurrection in January. This is unacceptable. We're demanding they stop funding hate.
  • We Need to Regulate Big Tech!

    For years, we’ve wondered why Google, Facebook, and Twitter won’t stop promoting the kinds of conspiracy theories that led to the attack on the Capitol. The reason? Their platforms are built to foster engagement and growth — at ALL costs. It's time for legislation.


  • Voting & Democracy

Facebook Removes Deceptive Trump Ad

Color Of Change once again held Facebook’s feet to the fire when it decided to run a misleading Trump re-election ad that implied it would take people to participate in the 2020 Census, but routed them to the “Make America Great Again” donation page instead. After we spoke out with tech accountability groups, Facebook reversed course and pulled the ad. Rashad is quoted in the Washington Post: “Going forward, harmful and misleading ads must be flagged in a pre-posting review process, not after they’ve hit hundreds, if not thousands, of news feeds.” Facebook currently has the most permissive and most damaging approach to political speech – allowing candidates to post misleading information and target specific audiences with it.

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  • Tech Justice

Facebook Holds Its First Civil Rights Audit

This year we’ve worked tirelessly to hold Facebook accountable – persuading them to conduct their first civil rights audit and pressing them to adopt stronger policies against white supremacist content. We’ve held dozens of meetings, drawing their attention to how the platform has been used to censor Black activists and allow ads that discriminate against Black people. The fight continues. But Facebook has begun restricting racial targeting in ads, removing posts by white nationalists, and taken down posts meant to suppress voting.

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  • Media Justice

COC Members Save Disney’s Black Princess

We persuaded Disney not to whitewash their popular Black character Princess Tiana. When we saw early drawings of Tiana from the sequel to Wreck-It Ralph, it was clear they had straightened her hair, thinned her nose, and lightened her skin. Our members spoke out and persuaded Disney to keep Tiana a beautiful Black princess – part of our ongoing work to improve representation of Black characters in film and TV and make sure all children see heroes who look like them onscreen.

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Color Of Change helps people respond effectively to injustice in the world around us. As a national online force driven by 7 million members, we move decision makers in corporations and government to create a more human and less hostile world for Black people, and all people. Until justice is real.


October 1, 2020

Critics Call for Facebook to Protect Democracy with 3 Urgent Steps

Color Of Change President Rashad Robinson is part of a 24-person board calling for Facebook to take three immediate steps in order to protect US democracy. First, it is calling for a ban on all paid advertising mentioning presidential election results as ballots are being counted, adding this could prevent violence from breaking out if the results are contested. Second, the board demanded “strict oversight” of all posts that mention the presidential election results in this uncertain period. Last, the board said Facebook should “enforce its own policies” to remove content that incites violence.

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October 1, 2020

Minority Entrepreneurs at Tipping Point as Black-Owned Banks Dwindle in US

Black and Brown business owners have born the brunt of businesses closing during COVID-19: from February to April, there was a 41% decline in Black-owned businesses, a 32% drop in Latinx business owners, and only a 17% decline in white-owned businesses. Lack of access to capital–fueled by racist lending practices where minority businesses receive higher interest rates and get turned down for more loans–is the main reason Black businesses go under. A recent report by Color Of Change and UnidosUS shows that among those who applied for Paycheck Protection Program support, only 12% of Black entrepreneurs received the assistance they had requested. 41% received none.

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September 28, 2020

Don’t Quit Facebook. Change Laws.

The New York Times covers Color of Change’s celebrity social media freeze and ad boycott levied at Facebook. In July companies pulled $7B in advertising as part of #StopHateForProfit. Vice President Arisha Hatch is quoted. “Our goal at Color Of Change is definitely longer term systemic change and specifically legislative change. That takes time and boycotts give people something small, easy and strategic that they can do to actually win real world change for Black people.” The Times says the boycott campaign was “wildly successful” in educating people and shaming the company to do more to stop the spread of hate and misinformation on its platform.

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September 25, 2020

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Breonna Taylor Case Sparks More Protests After Grand Jury Decision

Breonna Taylor’s mother has spoken out after Kentucky’s Attorney General announced that none of the officers involved in Taylor’s killing would be charged with her death. Scott Roberts, Color Of Change’s Senior Director of Criminal Justice Campaigns joined CBS News to discuss how the justice system has failed, and why protesters continue to call for the defunding of police. Watch the full interview by clicking the logo above.

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September 25, 2020

VIDEO: Color of Change Creates PSA for ‘Karens’

Color Of Change’s new PSA takes a humorous approach to the fact that too many white people have proven they can’t be trusted to use 911 responsibly – and it’s costing Black people their safety and sometimes their lives. After a summer of watching police kill unarmed Black people, and white people call the police on Black people who aren’t doing anything wrong, we decided to craft a response. Watch this video where we release a new emergency number for all the ‘Karens’ out there. The original video appeared on NowThis news.

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September 25, 2020

A Look at the SCOTUS Nomination Fight

One week after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, WNYC interviews Color Of Change Vice President Arisha Hatch for its Every Vote Counts series. Arisha shares how Black voters are thinking about the voting process this year, especially in key battleground states. Black voters are one of the Democratic Party’s most reliable voting blocs but this year there a significant generational gap between younger Black people who feel alienated from traditional politics and older Black voters who are loyal to BIden and the Democratic Party. Hear the audio at

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Strategic Initiatives

Democracy & Census

Black people have the power to shape our democracy and set the agenda when they speak up and turn out in elections. Through our Black Brunches we have brought together more than 20,000 people across 20 cities—including many new to politics. Going into 2020, we have tremendous opportunities to register new voters, protect voting rights, and make sure our communities are counted and represented in the 2020 Census. We are engaging local leaders and our 1.7M members to help set a progressive agenda around criminal justice reform and boost civic participation in Black communities.

Winning Justice

No one holds more power in our justice system than prosecutors. They decide who to prosecute, what the charges will be, and routinely make decisions that destroy Black people’s lives. We are ushering in a new era of prosecutor accountability by mobilizing Black communities across the country. Already, we've pushed prosecutors and candidates in a dozen cities make pledges to cut incarceration. We continue to build momentum to end the most unjust, destructive and racist practices in our system from money bail to over-sentencing, over-policing, and sending our children to adult prisons.

COC Hollywood

TV and film play a profound role in shaping American culture. Yet, when it comes to representation of Black people, culture, and issues, far too much of the content Hollywood produces promotes dangerous misunderstandings that holds back racial justice in the real world. COC Hollywood is our initiative to change the rules in Hollywood by ensuring accurate, diverse, empathetic and human portrayals of Black people onscreen. We consult on film and TV projects, partner with changemakers inside the industry, work to raise standards around hiring and diversity, and elevate Black stories.

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