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Color Of Change helps you do something real about injustice.

We design campaigns powerful enough to end practices that unfairly hold Black people back, and champion solutions that move us all forward. Until justice is real.
  • Release Women from Danbury Today!

    Nearly two years after the start of the pandemic, more than half of the women currently incarcerated at Danbury Federal Institution Camp in Connecticut have tested positive for the virus and are being denied proper medical care. It's time to let these women go home.
  • Biden, Grant Clemency for Thousands!

    We won the campaign to keep thousands of elders home, now we need clemency to get them free! Keeping people on home confinement isn't enough — the DOJ still has discretionary power to decide who will be sent back to prison. President Biden has the power to fix this.
  • Delta, Stop Influencing the CDC

    Despite COVID-19 rates skyrocketing, Delta Airlines pushed the CDC to shorten the isolation period for people with COVID from 10 days to 5. Delta’s greed puts their workers and passengers at risk. Tell Delta’s CEO to update its isolation policy, extend workers’ sick pay, and retract its request to the CDC.
  • Pass the Stop Discrimination by Algorithms Act

    Black people are routinely denied hosing and business loans, and given higher insurance rates — because of the algorithms industries rely on. Algorithms often replicate human biases. With this bill, DC could be the first city to outlaw discriminatory algorithms and undo racist lending practices.
  • Tell Senate Dems to End the Filibuster

    Legislators need to pick a side: the #JimCrowFilibuster, or the voting rights of Black people. We've seen more than 250 new bills restricting voting rights since the 2020 elections. It has to stop. Tell your Senator to pass the Freedom to Vote Act today.
  • Demand Gov. Newsom Close 8 Prisons by 2025

    The People’s Plan for Prison Closure identified some of the worst prisons in California. Join us in demanding CA's governor close these prisons and work to create safe and vibrant communities through jobs, housing, food, and education — not incarceration.
  • No Budget Increase for MPD!

    Tens of thousands of Minneapolis residents voted for a new approach to safety, and Mayor Frey promised police accountability. But his 2022 budget would increase MPD's budget by ~20% and fails to adequately fund the Office of Violence Prevention. Black people are tired of feeling unsafe. It's time for a change!


  • Voting & Democracy

Olympic Athletes Can Now Take a Stand for Justice

Color Of Change has long supported trailblazing Olympians in their fight to dismantle oppressive policies that silence Black athletes. So we applaud the decision by the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee to allow political expression like raised fists and kneeling during the anthem in Tokyo this summer. We met with the committee staff, sent letters, launched a campaign — and now athletes can don phrases like “Black Lives Matter” “equality” and “justice.” In 2016, we stood up for Colin Kaepernick taking a knee. Today we're asking corporate sponsors to stand with Gwen Berry, the Pan-American gold medalist who was abandoned by sponsors and lost 80% of her income after she raised her fist on the awards podium. And we'll keep fighting for Black athletes’ right to raise their voices without sacrificing their careers — demanding the International Olympic Committee drop Rule 50, the rule punishing athletes for speaking out. This is an important marker towards justice and equality within sports.

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  • Tech Justice

Proud Boys Defunded & Kicked Off Social Media

A few days before a pro-Trump mob broke into the Capitol, Stripe processed $100,000 in donations to the Proud Boys, the white nationalist group Trump gave a shout-out to on live TV during the debates. Stripe put profit over public safety – funneling money to the group that funded interstate travel, tactical gear, and legal expenses. But after tens of thousands of Color Of Change members took action, Stripe decided to permanently suspend donations to the Proud Boys and indefinitely ban all accounts affiliated with the hate group. Our No Blood Money campaign to stop financial companies from profiting off of hate continues as we make sure Stripe keeps its promise to working with violent hate groups and GiveSendGo, the fundraising site used by white nationalists like Kyle Rittenhouse and Officer Derek Chauvin. 

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  • Tech Justice

Social Media Sites Ban Trump

Last week, Twitter, the social media site instrumental to President Trump’s rise, permanently banned his account. This is huge. For the last 4 years, Trump has turned to Twitter to spread misinformation and lies, incite violence, announce ad hoc policies, and antagonize those who disagree with him. For years, Color Of Change has been working to hold Twitter and Facebook accountable for white nationalist organizing on their platforms. And for weeks, groups like the Proud Boys were plotting their attack on the Capitol on social media. Finally, tech execs are listening. After Trump’s armed followers broke into the Capitol and Congress had to be evacuated, we reached out leaders at both companies, telling them to shut Trump down. Facebook has suspended Trump until the end of his term. This is where real accountability begins. For too long, we'd been warning this was bound to happen. We cannot afford to let Americans live in two realities, undermining the sovereignty of our elections, peddling hate for profit, and enabling armed revolt against peaceful leaders.

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Color Of Change helps people respond effectively to injustice in the world around us. As a national online force driven by 7 million members, we move decision makers in corporations and government to create a more human and less hostile world for Black people, and all people. Until justice is real.


October 7, 2021

Racial Justice Advocates Hope for Pardon of George Floyd’s Past Drug Charges

Criminal justice reform experts are hopeful that if Texas governor Greg Abbott approves a pardon request for George Floyd’s decades old drug charges, it will send a message about the prejudices of a system that disproportionately incarcerates Black and Latino people. At the murder trial, Derek Chauvin’s defense lawyers tried to portray Floyd’s history of drug use as the cause of his death or a justification for the violence inflicted upon him — a common tactic in police defenses. Color Of Change’s Sr Director of Criminal Justice Campaigns Scott Roberts is quoted. “Like many other Black people who are killed by police, George Floyd’s character was tarnished by rightwing media, who used his past conviction record as a way to indict him for his own murder.” Floyd’s 2004 arrest and conviction have come under scrutiny as the undercover officer involved has himself been charged with murder and drug trafficking in Houston. “It will hopefully bring more attention and scrutiny to the miscarriages of justice that play out daily in our communities, police stations, and court rooms.”

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October 1, 2021

The Democrats’ Last Best Shot to Kill the Filibuster

The Senate filibuster is the biggest obstacle to passing legislation on a wide range of issues Biden promised to address from immigration, police reform and voting rights to gun control and raising the minimum wage. Groups that helped mobilize the massive turnout in 2020 warn that failing to overturn the filibuster will have disastrous consequences. Color Of Change President Rashad Robinson says, “Is it going to be our job to go out and to explain to people, ‘Hey, we know you turned out in 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic… You put your health on the line… You overcame all sorts of voter suppression tactics, and now let me tell you why none of those things actually happened that you thought you were promised: it’s this thing called the filibuster’ … Democrats are making a huge miscalculation if they think that folks are going to continue to put rocks on their backs and climb uphill if the Democrats are not willing to do the work to undo Jim Crow rules that time and again have been used to stall progress.”

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September 30, 2021

‘Past Angry’: Victims’ Families, Civil Rights Leaders Condemn Failed Police Reform Talks

Last week, the bipartisan talks around the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act ended without a deal as both sides came to an impasse over qualified immunity. Bridgett Floyd said she could barely find the words to describe her disappointment in lawmakers for failing to pass sweeping reforms bearing her brother’s name. Color Of Change President Rashad Robinson said he’s unsurprised talks broke down in a “filibuster environment” designed to block civil rights laws. Voters of color turned out in record numbers last year to elect Democrats he says, and they are being let down. “It’s unacceptable that our leaders continue to fail to deliver. Democrats got the majority and they can’t keep telling our community to put aside our safety, our dignity, our humanity in the face of unchecked violent policing.”

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September 22, 2021

National Media Coverage of Gabby Petito’s Disappearance Raises Questions for Missing People Of Color

The investigation into the death of Long Island native Gabby Petito hits close to home for families of still missing loved ones. National media coverage and tips were a huge help in the investigation; now many are asking why the same kind of attention is rarely if ever given to missing people of color. The disparity in national news coverage of missing persons based on race is dramatic. It’s another example of how Black lives simply are not valued. Color Of Change President Rashad Robinson talks about how poor representation on TV shows play into the problem. “We produced a report called ‘Normalizing Injustice’ … and talked to writers and producers, they felt like people would turn off the TV if the victim was a black woman.” It’s a wake-up call, he says, for the media to take a look at their own biases, which have a real effect on safety in communities of color.

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September 20, 2021

Color Of Change Launches Writer’s Room Database & Anti-Racist Training Directory

#ChangeHollywood just released a writer’s room database of experts and anti-racist trainer directory — resources aimed at helping the industry fulfill all the pledges it made during last year’s racial justice protests. The idea is to connect execs in Hollywood with those who can effect change. The writer’s room database connects producers with experts who can pave the way for more authentic and humanizing portrayals of Black people. They are all people with deep first-hand knowledge of things like law enforcement and issues impacting Black people. The directory is aimed at taking diversity training — an $8 billion-a-year industry — to the next level by offering companies a list of vetted firms that understand how to spur organizational change.

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September 20, 2021

‘Cops’ Revival One Year After Cancellation Labeled ‘Repugnant’ By Activists

A year after George Floyd’s death and Color Of Change got Cops pulled from the airwaves, it’s back on Fox Nation. The reality series was canceled during last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests as a new awareness of how TV shows often glorify violent policing took hold. The decision has been met with anger from racial justice advocates. Jade Magnus Ogunnaike, Sr Director of Media, Culture, and Economic Justice, is quoted. “Color Of Change’s members fought for eight years to have the television show Cops canceled for a reason: It is an insidious program that distorts the truth about crime in our country and purposefully encourages the public to support the harmful behavior of police, prosecutors, and other law enforcement figures. Cops and shows like it should not be televised—on any network.”

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Strategic Initiatives

Democracy & Census

Black people have the power to shape our democracy and set the agenda when they speak up and turn out in elections. Through our Black Brunches we have brought together more than 20,000 people across 20 cities—including many new to politics. Going into 2020, we have tremendous opportunities to register new voters, protect voting rights, and make sure our communities are counted and represented in the 2020 Census. We are engaging local leaders and our 1.7M members to help set a progressive agenda around criminal justice reform and boost civic participation in Black communities.

Winning Justice

No one holds more power in our justice system than prosecutors. They decide who to prosecute, what the charges will be, and routinely make decisions that destroy Black people’s lives. We are ushering in a new era of prosecutor accountability by mobilizing Black communities across the country. Already, we've pushed prosecutors and candidates in a dozen cities make pledges to cut incarceration. We continue to build momentum to end the most unjust, destructive and racist practices in our system from money bail to over-sentencing, over-policing, and sending our children to adult prisons.

COC Hollywood

TV and film play a profound role in shaping American culture. Yet, when it comes to representation of Black people, culture, and issues, far too much of the content Hollywood produces promotes dangerous misunderstandings that holds back racial justice in the real world. COC Hollywood is our initiative to change the rules in Hollywood by ensuring accurate, diverse, empathetic and human portrayals of Black people onscreen. We consult on film and TV projects, partner with changemakers inside the industry, work to raise standards around hiring and diversity, and elevate Black stories.

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Fight and build power with us in 2022. Chip in and join us now.

Color Of Change is with you fighting for solutions until justice is real.

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