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The Free Black Mamas Fellowship: Bailed-Out Black Moms Organize

This article talks about how this year’s Mama’s Day Bailout raised close to $2 million and bailed out 308 women. Now, a new fellowship is giving them the chance to organize and advocate for criminal justice reform.

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  • Rolling Stone

Who’s the Villain in ‘When They See Us’?

This article mentions COC’s successful campaign to hold Linda Fairstein, one of the prosecutors who used coerced confessions to put five innocent boys in prison, accountable. The true takeaway from Ava DuVernay’s new miniseries, it argues, is how prosecutors are behind so many of the cracks in our criminal justice system.

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`Black Mama’s Bail Out’ Launches 3rd Annual Campaign

For the third Mother’s Day in a row, Color Of Change supported the Black Mama’s Bail Out, a grassroots effort to bring women home — and amplify calls to end money bail and the growing incarceration of women.

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  • Fast Company

New Podcast Digs into “Cops” & Its Distorted Reality of Crime Culture

Years ago, Color Of Change members pressured Fox to pull Cops, the enormously high-rated and racist reality TV show from its network. Now, a new podcast explains how the show created false and dangerous ideals about police and law enforcement, just as we are about to launch our new research report on crime TV shows.

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Thought Leadership

Rashad Robinson: Redefining Our Approach to Digital Advocacy

This Q&A published in the Huffington Post discusses how Rashad Robinson and Color Of Change have built a winning advocacy strategy, harnessing the power and potential of the Internet, to move Black people — and all people in this country — forward. Full Q&A is below. We Built This by Taryn Finley, Huffington Post, 2/1/2019. […]

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VIDEO: Rashad Robinson Accepts the North Star Award

Rashad speaks at the North Star Fund Awards about how to capitalize on this moment of political agitation following the election. He underscores the necessity of supporting Black-led interventions to accelerate social change and letting Black people truly take the lead in strategy and power in the movement for racial justice. Full video here.

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VIDEO: Rashad’s Keynote Speech at the Personal Democracy Forum

Rashad passionately asks, “Are We Going to Get This Right?” as he speaks about building a real resistance in response to the 2016 elections. He talks about mistaking presence for power, the danger he saw in Trump’s racist attacks on President Obama, and how to build a true movement for change. Full speech here.

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VIDEO: Why Accurate Coverage of Crime Matters

Rashad Robinson speaks on how our media presents a distorted view of crime, grossly out of sync with the actual stats, that makes people think Black people are to be feared. Presented by Media Matters and Color Of Change in March 2015. Full video here.

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