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21 Savage & the Fight for Black Humanity: A Conversation With UndocuBlack

Color Of Change’s successful campaign to get 21 Savage released is cited in this article that explores how pro-immigrant group tend to exclude Black immigrants, and the racist reasons the media isn’t making the connection 21 Savage’s story and that of the “Dreamers.”

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Rapper 21 Savage Granted Bond By ICE Ahead Of Release

Immigrant 21 Savage is granted bond and released ahead of schedule after Color Of Change, alongside Black Lives Matter and the Black Alliance for Just Immigration attended a rally in Atlanta and sent ICE a petition with over 450,000 signatures demanding his release.

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Silence on 21 Savage at Grammy Awards draws criticism on social media

Color Of Change drew attention to the conspicuous silence around 21 Savage’s absented at the Grammy’s. Savage was nominated for 2 Grammy’s and was slated to perform “This Is America” at the awards show before ICE officials detained him, many believe for his outspoken political views.

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Thought Leadership

Rashad Robinson: Redefining Our Approach to Digital Advocacy

This Q&A published in the Huffington Post discusses how Rashad Robinson and Color Of Change have built a winning advocacy strategy, harnessing the power and potential of the Internet, to move Black people — and all people in this country — forward. Full Q&A is below. We Built This by Taryn Finley, Huffington Post, 2/1/2019. […]

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VIDEO: Rashad Robinson Accepts the North Star Award

Rashad speaks at the North Star Fund Awards about how to capitalize on this moment of political agitation following the election. He underscores the necessity of supporting Black-led interventions to accelerate social change and letting Black people truly take the lead in strategy and power in the movement for racial justice. Full video here.

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VIDEO: Rashad’s Keynote Speech at the Personal Democracy Forum

Rashad passionately asks, “Are We Going to Get This Right?” as he speaks about building a real resistance in response to the 2016 elections. He talks about mistaking presence for power, the danger he saw in Trump’s racist attacks on President Obama, and how to build a true movement for change. Full speech here.

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VIDEO: Why Accurate Coverage of Crime Matters

Rashad Robinson speaks on how our media presents a distorted view of crime, grossly out of sync with the actual stats, that makes people think Black people are to be feared. Presented by Media Matters and Color Of Change in March 2015. Full video here.

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ORIGINAL RESEARCH: News Media Spreads Myths about Black Families

Color Of Change, the nation’s largest online racial justice organization, and Family Story, an organization dedicated to elevating stories of diverse families, have released a new report, A Dangerous Distortion of Our Families, examining the news media’s systemic and harmful misrepresentation of Black families during the last election cycle. Conducted by the University of Illinois […]

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