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How We Can Build Power & Accountability in This Moment

Join us each week until the pandemic is over as Black leaders talk about the ways we can build power in this moment. We’re proud to partner with Blavity to deliver an honest, Black-led discussion about the pandemic and its impact on Black people. You’ll hear from Color Of Change’s criminal justice, economic justice, voting rights, and media and culture change experts on all the ways coronavirus is affecting us and what we can do about it.

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How Coronavirus Is Hurting Black Communities

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting every aspect of our society and exposing deep, systemic inequalities that mean Black communities will be hit harder than most. As the news changes minute-to-minute, BET and Color Of Change are teaming up to make sure Black people have the clear and focused information we need to take action, protect ourselves, and support the most vulnerable in our community.

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The Racism that’s Pervaded the US Health System for Years Is Even Deadlier Now

In his latest Guardian column, Rashad explains how the failed and corrupt response to COVID-19 is killing Black businesses, jobs, votes, and people. That’s why Color Of Change’s Black Response and activism are critical now. He writes, “Even with factories shut down all across the country, one thing America never stops manufacturing is widespread racial injustice.”

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Why the Virus Is a Civil Rights Issue: ‘The Pain Will Not Be Shared Equally’

This article talks about Color Of Change’s and other groups’ digital and distance organizing work to ensure the COVID-19 response takes care of Black people and all those hardest hit. Rashad is quoted, “It’s really hard to overstate the critical moment we are in as a people, given how this virus has ripped through our community. We know the pain will not be shared equally.”

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5 Ways You Can Support Black Essential and Frontline Workers During the Pandemic

Black workers continue to step up to support and protect the entire country, at great risk to their own health. Nearly 80% of Black people in America work outside their homes in service related jobs. Too many of these heroes’ needs aren’t being met. But there are ways we can protect those who continue to sacrifice are keep the country running — fair pay, benefits, time off, protective gear, job security. Don’t let corporations treat essential workers as disposable.

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Coronavirus Has Made These Black Women’s Fight Against Cash Bail Even More Serious

This article explains how Color Of Change’s work with National Bail Out to buy women their freedom has become more important, and life-saving, as prisons and jails become epicenters of deadly COVID-19 outbreaks. As one advocate noted, “Right now, being unable to pay bail will not only cost you your freedom, but also your life.”

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Thought Leadership

OP-ED: Stop Blaming Black People for Dying From COVID-19

Despite incompetent responses by the government in fighting COVID-19, leaders continue to shift the blame to, you guessed it, Black people. One of the deepest habits in US politics is blaming Black people — rather than address how decades of structural racism, political exploitation, and economic exclusion have created the perfect storm devastating our communities. […]

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OP-ED: Coronavirus & Racial Justice

Rashad writes in LA Progressive about how COVID-19 is Trump’s Katrina. The pandemic has reached epic proportions in the US because of a lack of corporate and government accountability. Decades of growing inequality that mean Black lives and communities are unnecessarily put at even higher risk.

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Rashad Robinson: Redefining Our Approach to Digital Advocacy

This Q&A published in the Huffington Post discusses how Rashad Robinson and Color Of Change have built a winning advocacy strategy, harnessing the power and potential of the Internet, to move Black people — and all people in this country — forward. Full Q&A is below. We Built This by Taryn Finley, Huffington Post, 2/1/2019. […]

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