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The Bail System Hurts Black Families. Let’s Fix It.

Color Of Change’s ongoing work to end money bail is featured in this article as COC President Rashad Robinson shares stories of how, growing up, he would watch his family scrape together bail for an uncle. He is quoted, “From our research and advocacy, we found that big insurance companies were—and still are to this day—reaping profits off the bail industry. As we started digging more, the story of Kalief Browder made things more transparent.” If people are too poor to pay for their freedom, they can end up behind bars for months.

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Activists Working in John Lewis’ Shadow Warn About Voter Suppression Ahead of November Vote

USA Today reports that voter suppression has increased since 2013, and longer wait times to vote, especially in Black neighborhoods, are a sign that things are getting worse. Color Of Change is using its platform to keep voters updated on registration guidelines and counteract false information online–one strategy to make sure everyone can vote come November. Rashad Robinson says Lewis’ legacy hangs in the balance. “You have to be optimistic to do social justice work, so we’re staying focused on making sure there’s a path toward victory in the fall.”

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Facebook Has More to Learn From the Ad Boycott

Read this Q&A with Rashad Robinson on Color Of Change’s five-year history of pressing Facebook to deal with its anti-Black problem — from the days when Black Lives Matter activists were being targeted by users. Wired shares Robinson’s perspective on why civil rights groups cannot be left to police Facebook by themselves. So far, advertisers have pulled more than $7B from Facebook, responding to Color Of Change and the StopHateForProfit coalition’s calls that Zuckerberg knowingly promotes algorithms and policies that foment racism and help hate groups get their message far and wide.

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Google Rejects Ad Depicting Police Violence Aimed at Persuading Black Voters

Tech giants are refusing to run a political ad by Priorities USA Action and Color Of Change that calls America a “police state” under Trump. The 30-second ad features a montage of police officers beating, tear-gassing, tasing and running over people protesting racial injustice and includes clips from a June speech from Trump. Hulu and Google have said they object to the “violent imagery” and “disturbing content” regardless of the political value and aims to motivate young and non-white voters distressed with the president’s response to the murder of George Floyd. Decisions to allow or censor content in Silicon Valley are coming under heightened scrutiny as the election nears.

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Black Entertainers, Athletes Converge to Deliver Messages of Social Activism

From sports to music, Black influencers are speaking out for racial justice. ABC explores Color Of Change’s #ChangeHollywood initiative, aimed at creating more opportunities for writers, directors and actors of color. COC President Rashad Robinson is quoted, “It’s about power. It’s about the historical aspects of who has gotten to tell stories and who hasn’t, whose stories have been mainstreamed, whose stories have been marginalized. Hollywood does in many ways, have an unforgivable history of stifling Black voices, Black talent, Black creativity and Black brilliance.”

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COVID-19, ‘De-funding’ Combine to Slash Police Budgets

This article dives into what cuts to police budgets will mean in cities likes Los Angeles, New York, and Baltimore next year. Right now, many departments are facing major cuts for the first time in more than a decade. Color Of Change’s Sr. Director of Criminal Justice Campaigns Scott Roberts is quoted, “The lack of imagination in public safety has only led to continuing down the same path to investing in more law enforcement.” More and better is possible activists say if cities invest that money in services that truly prioritize keeping people of color and working class communities safe.

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Thought Leadership

Seven Years of Toil: Inside Color Of Change’s Fight to Fix Big Tech

Protocol features Color Of Change’s work — led by Arisha Hatch, Rashad Robinson and Brandi Collins-Dexter — to hold tech companies accountable for racist propaganda, misinformation, and letting algorithms put sensationalism and profits above people of color. Since George Floyd’s killing and the nation’s reckoning on racial justice, the stakes have gotten higher. COC has a seat at the table with execs at the big tech companies. But are they ready to take responsibility? Full article at

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PERSONAL ESSAY: The Bail System Hurts Black Families. Let’s Fix It.

In Men’s Health, Color Of Change Rashad Robinson shares his personal and professional reflections on the injustice of money bail. Growing up, he’d watch his family collectively scrape together money to help an uncle who’d been arrested. But Kalief Browder’s story really opened his eyes to how wrong it is to let big companies profit off reap profits off the bail industry while innocent Black and Brown people often spend months in jail just awaiting trial. Full article at

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Inside Color Of Change’s Renewed Fight Against Police Procedurals: “These Shows Have an Agenda”

The Hollywood Reporter talks to Color Of Change President Rashad Robinson, after COC got ‘Cops’ and ‘Live PD’ canceled. They talk about the impact of crime TV and how what we see onscreen affects how behave in the real world. “It is the height of privilege and arrogance to think that any of us could be apolitical in writing and producing that content.” Read the full story at

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OP-ED: In Post-Coronavirus World, Politics Has to Change

In USA Today, Representative Ayanna Presley and Color Of Change President Rashad Robison write how crises always create political change. COVID-19 is showing us the need to let go of deep, destructive divisions in society around race and class and build an America that works for us all. Read the full article at

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OP-ED: The Racism that Pervaded the US Health System for Years Is Even Deadlier Now

In his latest column for the Guardian, Rashad Robinson explains how the failed and corrupt response to COVID-19 is killing Black businesses, Black jobs, Black votes and Black people – more than other communities. That’s why The Black Response and other avenues for racial justice activism are critical now. Read the full piece at

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