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  • CNN

Smearing Soros to stoke hate: You too, Facebook?

Rashad Robinson’s op-ed on how Facebook tried to smear George Soros to deflect attention from their role in allowing hate speech to spread and fake news to influence US elections. This tactic is increasingly used to discredit progressive groups while allowing right-wing speech and violence to move further into the mainstream.

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  • Salon

Racial justice group got death threats after Facebook launched smear campaign

Color Of Change received threats tied to its relationship with George Soros after Facebook hired a right-wing PR firm to deflect from the company’s own misdoings by launching a smear campaign against its critics, which includes COC for its work on Net neutrality. Rashad Robinson responds to the anti-Semitic, anti-Black nature of these efforts to paint progressive groups as being a pawn of Soros, who is a funder of COC as is Facebook executive Dustin Moskovitz.

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  • Washington Post

‘Ralph’ sequel packs a punch with strong female characters

“Ralph Breaks the Internet,” starring a number of strong female characters, hit movie theaters this month. Earlier this year, Color Of Change successfully pressed Disney, alongside actress Anika Noni Rose, to ensure Princess Tiana – a favorite from the first film in the series – was not whitewashed and remained an inspiring Black character.

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  • AP News

Chicago verdict raises hope of greater police accountability

Rashad Robinson quoted, after a jury convicted the police officer who killed Laquan Macdonald, on how we are starting to see glimmers of accountability and justice in police brutality cases. The cop was the first to be convicted of murder for an on-duty shooting in 48 years.

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  • Vox

Bail reform, which could save millions of unconvicted people from jail, explained

A feature, citing Color Of Change’s work to end money bail, on how millions of people are locked up every year because they cannot afford bail though they have not been convicted of a crime. In recent years, COC and our partners have helped make this issue a major rallying cry in the criminal justice reform movement.

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Thought Leadership

How The News Media Distorts Black Families

The news media must help the public understand the systemic barriers that impede well-being for so many families and the policies that could improve them. The time for the media industry to reckon with how it covers families is long overdue. …

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New Research: News Media Systemically Repeat Debunked Myths about Black Families

NEW YORK—Color Of Change, the nation’s largest online racial justice organization, and Family Story, an organization dedicated to elevating stories of diverse families, have released a new report, A Dangerous Distortion of Our Families, examining the news media’s systemic and harmful misrepresentation of Black families during the last election cycle. Conducted by the University of […]

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Racial Justice Group Responds to Florida Prosecutor’s Removal from 21 Cases: “This Is a Plot Against Basic Democratic Principles”

NEW YORK – Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of Color Of Change, the nation’s largest online racial justice organization, issued the following statement in response to Florida Governor Rick Scott’s removal of State Attorney Aramis Ayala from 21 murder cases: “Governor Rick Scott’s removal of State Attorney Aramis Ayala from 21 murder cases—coming after the Florida legislature’s […]

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