Tell the FCC: No more police Stingray surveillance

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Tell the FCC: No more police Stingray surveillance

With Stingrays police are able to locate and track individuals, eavesdrop on calls, disrupt interactions between protest organizers, and even block 9-1-1 calls. Worse, they’re doing this all without warrants or public oversight. And we all know too well that when police have unrestricted power like this it gets disproportionately used against Black communities.

But there is hope to rein in the police’s secretive and warrantless use of this surveillance tool - the FCC. The same federal agency that heard our calls to save Net Neutrality could now help stop police from using these devices to illegally monitor our communities.

Demand the FCC act to rein in police use of Stingrays and other cell-site simulators.

Tell Chairman Wheeler and the FCC:

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Use your authority under the Communications Act to end law enforcement's' harmful use of cell-site simulators (aka Stringrays).