Tell CEOs on Trump's Business Council to #QuitTheCouncil now!

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Tell CEOs on Trump's Business Council to #QuitTheCouncil now!

CEOs of Uber and Tesla have quit Trump's Business Council because of his dangerous policies, but the CEOs of Disney, Pepsi, and IBM remain, simply taking verbal stands against the Muslim ban and Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement-- but they won't formally quit Donald Trump's Business CouncilIn the wake of Trump's violent policies, sending a tweet or press release is not enough--these CEOs must #QuitTheCouncil now and reject Trump's anti-human, anti-American administration now!

This is not about politics. It’s not about Democrats and Republicans, or the political left and right. Trump is deeply harming Americans with his policies. His violent rhetoric and actions are bringing real life consequences for vulnerable families. No more!  

Tell CEOs to #QuitTheCouncil now!

This is the letter we'll send to CEOs on Trump's Business Council on your behalf:

Here is the Petition:

Dear CEOs,

We are calling on you to quit Donald Trump’s Business Council. Any cooperation with Donald Trump on business matters or otherwise, will be an endorsement of his hate-filled and racist rhetoric which runs counter to the family-friendly values of your company. We believe that it is in your best interest to quit the Business Council before you and your company are indelibly sullied with the hateful and divisive actions of the Trump administration.

Donald Trump ran a Presidential campaign based on repeatedly disparaging Latino, Muslim, and Black communities as well as women and people with disabilities with his hate speech, misogyny, anti-Muslim bigotry, and racism. And already, he has bested himself with his hateful actions in the Presidential office. Within the first weeks of his presidency, he has passed a series of executive orders targeting vulnerable populations. During his Muslim ban implementation, over 700 people were wrongfully detained.

As a company that prides itself on championing diversity and family values, we believe it is a great sign of corporate responsibility and decency for your company to ensure that your participation on the Business Council is not interpreted as an endorsement of these depraved tactics.

[Your Name]