Tell FedEx to stop supporting the NRA

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Tell FedEx to stop supporting the NRA

Tell FedEx to stop supporting the NRA.

The NRA helped elect Trump, and businesses like FedEx are supporting them.

This year, the NRA broke their own record for campaign spending and doled out $21 million to support Trump’s campaign with ads focused on white nationalist identity politics--and FedEx, as a member of the NRA’s Business Alliance, has been supporting their racist agenda and granting 26 percent discounts to NRA members.

For years, the NRA, the country’s largest gun lobby, has fought to expand the civil rights of gun owners--except when it comes to Black people. When police killed Philando Castile for legally carrying a gun in a concealed carry state, the NRA was silent. And one thing is clear: the NRA is not here for all people who carry guns. It’s here to uphold white nationalism.

In this new Trump era, the NRA will be doubling down on their fear tactics to arm up white nationalists, while failing to stand behind Black gun owners and against police violence and militarization. At a crucial moment like this, we can’t afford for the NRA to get stronger. That’s why, it’s time FedEx stopped doing business with the NRA. Will you sign the petition?

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Don't take the NRA's blood money.