Color Of Change is an evolving, dynamic culture with a fire for increasing impact. Our work is as strong as our people are innovative and persistent—a fresh, talented team spread across Oakland, New York, Hollywood and Washington, D.C. We grow our talent through staff development, as well as new hires and partnerships. We care about talent because increasing talent increases impact: winning more campaigns, taking on new issues, strengthening our public voice, and finding news ways to build greater power for Black people in all the places we need it.

If you are reading this, you believe in racial justice, you believe in Black brilliance, you believe we should leave no one in silence. And you believe in the power of strategic, creative, digital organizing campaigns to change the society we live in. If you are as passionate as we are, and you have skills, experience and drive to make a difference, we want to hear from you. Tell us about your experience in doing any of the things we do: strategy, organizing and engagement, media and storytelling, technology and organizational growth. Let us know who you are.

We are a Black-led organization with a powerful multi-racial team, made stronger by our ability to collaborate and leverage our diversity across gender, age, upbringing, education, talent and life experience. We are committed to high standards, high impact and working with deep respect for one another, our members and our partners. Until justice is real.


In the Media

Good news in the fight to end mass incarceration

Good news in the fight to end mass incarceration members consistently pressured Congress to eliminate the disparity in sentencing for crack and powder cocaine offenses, so recent news of a halt in prison population growth is of particular importance to our community. Low-income Black and Latino communities have been devastated by discriminatory drug policies -- policies that have contributed to placing in one in nine Black men between the ages of 20 and 34 behind bars. Victories in the past year have begun to turn the tide.

Welcome to the ColorOfChange Blog

Welcome to the ColorOfChange Blog

Welcome to the new blog! Today's launch is part of our ongoing effort to provide the ColorOfChange community with opportunities to be in conversation with our staff and each other. We have a six-year track record if engaging you in rapid response online campaigns that have lasting impact, and we see this blog as yet another path to advancing political power for Black America and our allies.