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VIDEO: President Trump Refuses to Denounce White Supremacist Groups

Color Of Change President Rashad Robinson joined Way Too Early to recap the first presidential debate between Joe Biden and President Trump and Trump’s refusal to denounce white supremacist groups.

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Facebook Implements New Rules to Prevent Voter Intimidation

Less than a month before the election, Facebook has announced posts with militarized language like “army” or “battle” will be removed under a new policy to try to prevent voter intimidation. The policy comes in response to a controversial Trump ad in which he calls for an “army” of supporters to show up at polling stations. A watchdog group of activists and academics – which Color Of Change is a member of – says Facebook has not nearly gone far enough in allowing “the flow of poison into the population.” COC’s President Rashad Robinson is quoted, saying calls like Trump’s are “a threat to our ability to express our will for a better future.”

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Hedge Funds Fall Flat When It Comes to Diversifying Their Ranks

Color Of Change President Rashad Robinson was interviewed for this article on how white- and male-dominated the hedge fund industry is. In 2020, not 1 of the nation’s 30 largest hedge funds is run by a woman or a person of color. Less than 20% are employees are women, and most women- or Black-owned firms have less than US$500 million in assets. Robinsons says that for the industry to make real progress firms should consider building financial incentives into hiring and retaining a diverse workforce. “When money comes into play, people get creative.”

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Facebook Finally Slowed Down—When We Needed It to Move Fast

Three years after the idea was first proposed, Facebook finally created an oversight board–but the move comes too late to stop the spread of propaganda or misinformation in the 2020 elections. The activists and organizations like Color Of Change that make up what’s privately referred to as “Facebook’s Real Oversight Board” say this is too little, too late, no more than “a corporate whitewashing exercise” without the power to influence policy. And while Facebook moves fast when business deals are on the line, the oversight board will probably not hear its first case ’til the end of 2020 at best.

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Critics Call for Facebook to Protect Democracy with 3 Urgent Steps

Color Of Change President Rashad Robinson is part of a 24-person board calling for Facebook to take three immediate steps in order to protect US democracy. First, it is calling for a ban on all paid advertising mentioning presidential election results as ballots are being counted, adding this could prevent violence from breaking out if the results are contested. Second, the board demanded “strict oversight” of all posts that mention the presidential election results in this uncertain period. Last, the board said Facebook should “enforce its own policies” to remove content that incites violence.

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Minority Entrepreneurs at Tipping Point as Black-Owned Banks Dwindle in US

Black and Brown business owners have born the brunt of businesses closing during COVID-19: from February to April, there was a 41% decline in Black-owned businesses, a 32% drop in Latinx business owners, and only a 17% decline in white-owned businesses. Lack of access to capital–fueled by racist lending practices where minority businesses receive higher interest rates and get turned down for more loans–is the main reason Black businesses go under. A recent report by Color Of Change and UnidosUS shows that among those who applied for Paycheck Protection Program support, only 12% of Black entrepreneurs received the assistance they had requested. 41% received none.

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Thought Leadership

BLOOMBERG TECH: Color Of Change Focuses on Fighting Racism, Misinformation on Social Media

Color Of Change’s Vice President Arisha Hatch sits down with Bloomberg Technology to discuss the recent celebrity Instagram freeze and the advertising boycott on Facebook this summer. Celebrities boycotted Instagram for one full day in September as part of the “Stop Hate for Profit” campaign. Watch the video at

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FULL FRONTAL WITH SAMANTHA BEE: Election Night Simulation – What Happens In A Contested Election?

Full Frontal on TBS asked Color Of Change Vice President Arisha Hatch to help tease out Election Night scenarios and explain how activists are preparing for Trump to falsely and prematurely declare himself winner. See what we’re doing to make sure people can vote, votes are counted, and social media companies are on watch for spreading misinformation. Watch the full video at–AED0Y

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NYT FEATURE: Color of Change, Tackling Systemic Racism One Strategy at a Time

Read the NYT’s spotlight on Color Of Change and our 15 years of building momentum for racial justice. The article explores how we got from Hurricane Katrina to the global protests after George Floyd’s death and where the movement is going next. Rashad Robinson is quoted: “We’ve taken risks, we’ve been smarter about who we are and we’ve, in many ways, had to walk into rooms where people expected one thing from us and we’ve been able to do a lot more things. And that’s the story of Black people in America.” Full article is at

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CBS NEWS INTERVIEW: Breonna Taylor Case Sparks More Protests After Grand Jury Decision

Protests have broken out across the country since Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced that none of the officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s death would be charged. Scott Roberts, Color Of Change’s Senior Director of Criminal Justice Campaigns, joined CBSN to discuss how the justice system has failed, what Taylor’s mother has asked for, and why protesters continue to call for the defunding of police. Watch the full interview at

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PROTOCOL FEATURE: Seven Years of Toil – Inside Color Of Change’s Fight to Fix Big Tech

Read about Color Of Change’s work — led by Arisha Hatch, Rashad Robinson and Brandi Collins-Dexter — to hold tech companies accountable for racist propaganda, misinformation, and letting algorithms put sensationalism and profits above people of color. Since George Floyd’s killing and the nation’s reckoning on racial justice, the stakes have gotten higher. COC has a seat at the table with execs at the big tech companies. But are they ready to take responsibility? Full article at

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PERSONAL ESSAY: The Bail System Hurts Black Families. Let’s Fix It.

In Men’s Health, Color Of Change Rashad Robinson shares his personal and professional reflections on the injustice of money bail. Growing up, he’d watch his family collectively scrape together money to help an uncle who’d been arrested. But Kalief Browder’s story really opened his eyes to how wrong it is to let big companies profit off reap profits off the bail industry while innocent Black and Brown people often spend months in jail just awaiting trial. Full article at

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