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Color Of Change Applauds House Judiciary Committee Vote to Advance H.R. 40

For Immediate Release: April 16, 2021


Color Of Change Applauds House Judiciary Committee Vote to Advance H.R. 40

NATIONWIDE — In response to the House Judiciary Committee’s decision to advance H.R. 40, Color Of Change released the following statement from President Rashad Robinson: 

“The House Judiciary Committee’s vote to advance H.R. 40 marks a long-awaited historic step towards not only confronting the devastating legacy of slavery but also rectifying its lasting harms on Black people, our families and our communities. While the brutal exploitation of Black people in this country began with slavery, it didn’t end there. Decisions, policies and practices rooted in racism continue to shut Black people out of full participation in our economy. Generation after generation has been met with discrimination, redlining and a financial system that has actively sought to extract wealth from our communities.

“Color Of Change applauds the Committee for its decision to propel H.R. 40 to a full House vote and commends Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee for her leadership on this pivotal bill. The unprecedented vote comes amid the ongoing racial reckoning and is a testament to the power of Black organizers and activists who have worked relentlessly for years to mobilize our communities and demand justice. We, alongside our partners and our millions of members, now call on members of the House to pass H.R. 40. and begin the hard work of reimagining and rebuilding a society that systematically restores justice to Black communities.”



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