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Racial Justice Group Responds to Uber Diversity Report

Uber’s workplace culture and business practices have come under fire for good reason

NEW YORK, NY- Color Of Change, the nation’s largest online racial justice organization, issued the following statement responding to Uber’s release of its first diversity report.

Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of Color Of Change:

“Uber’s workplace culture and business practices have come under fire for good reason. The status quo at the company is clearly unacceptable, and leaves too many talented people of color and women at the company isolated in a hostile work environment. Color Of Change has long pushed Silicon Valley companies to release their diversity data and today’s release of the Uber’s first diversity report shines a spotlight on how far the company has to go to build a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace.

“There are indications that Travis Kalanick and the entire company are engaging in long-overdue soul-searching that could lead to major changes at Uber. Dramatically increasing the number of women, Black and Latino employees at that company must be a part of that change, and that will require serious action by the company’s leadership to create a workplace culture that is supportive of all employees. The onus is now on Kalanick and Uber’s leadership team to prove that all this public soul-searching isn’t just a public relations ploy and to work with advocates and experts to meaningfully increase diversity at the company.   

“Uber does deserve credit for the transparency of its report, which disaggregates data to give a clear picture of not only overall diversity at the company, but also diversity within job types—such as engineers and customer service representatives—as well as diversity within the company’s leadership. But, releasing that information is only the first step. Uber must now follow through and increase diversity across all job types and within the company’s leadership. Other companies in the tech industry, where diversity is severely lacking in virtually every workplace, should follow Uber’s model of data transparency and must also take serious action to address the appalling of lack of diversity in tech.”

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