Recently, Texas State Trooper Brian Encinia racially profiled and illegally stopped 28-year-old Sandra Bland as she drove to her new job in Waller County, Texas. After police ripped Sandra from her car and violently slammed her the ground, she was unjustly arrested, wrongfully charged with assault and then taken to Waller County Jail. Seventy two hours later, she was dead.

Police are claiming that Sandra took her own life, but her family and friends know that's not true. We stand with them. Time and time again, violent and discriminatory police kill and lie to cover up their brutal action.

Police cannot police themselves. Will you join us in urging Attorney General Lynch to thoroughly investigate Sandra's death and hold all those responsible fully accountable? More »


Tell advertisers to ditch Bill O'Reilly

With such a large following and platform, O’Reilly must be held accountable for his continual dissemination of harmful mistruths about Black communities.Stand with us in demanding advertisers turn their backs on Bill O'Reilly once and for all.
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OUR MISSION is strengthening Black America's political voice. Using the Internet, we keep our members informed and give them ways to act on pressing issues facing Black people in America. We are united behind a simple, powerful pledge: we will do all we can to make sure all Americans are represented, served and protected — regardless of race or class. More »


[KATRINA 10] How Language Shaped Perception of Katrina and New Orleanians

Words matter, and most of the time connotations matter even more than definitions. So when the media started using language dehumanizing New Orleanians, specifically Black people, it helped create a narrative, curiosity and stigma that remain.

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