Early Saturday morning, a multiracial group of Carolinians led by teachers and activists took down the Confederate flag from the South Carolina capitol grounds — within an hour the state had raised the hateful banner once again in time for an 11 A.M. white supremacist rally.

Bree Newsome, the Black woman who climbed the pole and cut down the flag, was arrested and taken into custody by Capitol Police. She should be promptly released from jail, any charges should be dropped, and the legislature should immediately vote to permanently remove the flag.
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We can get the man behind FOX News' hateful messaging fired

FOX News has been shamelessly using racially inflammatory language and denying the existence of racism for 15 years. We now have a real opportunity to change FOX for good. Call on James Murdoch to fire the head of FOX News! More »



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The US government could count those killed by police, but it's chosen not to

We cannot afford to wait another 20 years for comprehensive, public data on how often local, state and federal police use force. Why? Because transparency is key for accountability. For every Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Mya Hall, Yuvette Henderson, Tamir Rice, Rekia Boyd, Aiyana-Stanley Jones or Tanisha Anderson, there are thousands of others. Without a database, police will continue to target, abuse, kill and unjustly push black and brown people into the criminal justice system with zero oversight. More »