It’s been more than two months since Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed 18-year-old Mike Brown — and no one has been held accountable. A grand jury announcement in the case against Officer Wilson is expected any day now and reports seem to indicate that he will not be charged for his brutal action. It's painfully unjust and a direct result of Governor Nixon's failure to lead. But there is still time for Nixon to do what is right. Join us in increasing pressure on Gov. Nixon to intervene and secure a special prosecutor before it's too late. More »


Tell Walmart: pay workers $15/hour and provide them with full-time hours.

The Waltons have more wealth than the net worth of 4 out of 5 Black people combined. The contrast of the country's largest employer of Black workers being worth more than the bottom 79% of Black families is startling. Thankfully there is something Walmart can do to close this gap. Tell Walmart to publicly commit to $15/hour and full-time hours for its employees. More »


OUR MISSION is strengthening Black America's political voice. Using the Internet, we keep our members informed and give them ways to act on pressing issues facing Black people in America. We are united behind a simple, powerful pledge: we will do all we can to make sure all Americans are represented, served and protected — regardless of race or class. More »


Activists rip Ferguson cops for seizing ‘rolling billboard’ criticizing Gov. Jay Nixon

Members of the activist group Color of Change are questioning Ferguson, Missouri police’s reasoning for seizing a “rolling billboard” truck criticizing Gov. Jay Nixon (D) during a protest Wednesday night.

“Missouri law enforcement continues to try to violate our first amendment rights and silence our calls for justice for Mike Brown,” the group’s executive director, Rashad Robinson, said in a statement. “But we’re strong, we’re organized, and we will hold Governor Nixon responsible for allowing the systematic violation of Black Missourians’ free speech and human rights.” More »