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Color Of Change helps you do something real about injustice.

We design campaigns powerful enough to end practices that unfairly hold Black people back, and champion solutions that move us all forward. Until justice is real.
  • Support Black Athletes in Tokyo

    Download our 2021 Athletes and Activism Olympic Watch Party Toolkit. Learn more about the history of Black activism, our demands to get the International Olympic Committee to stop silencing Black athletes, and host your own watch party.
  • Support Black Women Athletes

    Sha’Carri Richardson & Brianna Rollins-McNeal should be going to Tokyo. But the US Anti-Doping Agency is invoking archaic “war on drugs” rules to suspend both women for marijuana use--in a state where it's legal--putting their careers in jeopardy.
  • Demand Biden Grant Clemency for 4,000 Elders!

    50k COC members spoke up and helped free Gwen Levi, a 76-year old grandmother and cancer survivor who was re-incarcerated after missing a phone call from her case manager. Let's free all elders on home confinement.
  • Companies Should Stand with Olympic Athlete Activists

    We are calling on corporate sponsors to stand up against the International Olympic Committee's Rule 50, which punishes athletes who raise their voice for change. We've come too far to tell Black athletes to “shut up and play.”
  • Facebook, Adopt Civil Rights Recs

    A year ago we persuaded 1,200 corporations to boycott advertising on Facebook for their failure to stop racism and white nationalist organizing on their platform. The company conducted a civil rights audit--but refuses to adopt most of the recommendations in it.
  • Tell Abbott, Pardon George Floyd

    A year's passed since George Floyd was murdered and there are STILL charges on the books against him in Texas—for allegedly selling $10 worth of drugs. We are calling on the TX Board of Pardons & Paroles and Gov. Greg Abbott to posthumously pardon Floyd.
  • The Time to Vote on H.R. 40 Is Now

    We need Congress to pass legislation addressing the impacts of slavery. With 190 co-sponsors and a vow to “study reparations,” there is unprecedented support for H.R. 40. The time to vote is now! Call your rep in Congress to move this bill forward.
  • Divest from NYPD & Invest in NYC!

    We are calling on New York City Council members to immediately reallocate $1B of the NYPD’s $10B operational budget back to communities in NYC. Black New Yorkers shouldn't have to live in fear of the police.
  • Tell Google to Conduct a Racial Equity Audit!

    Google was quick to issue statements of support for Black people following the murder of George Floyd, but their business practices tell a different story. They blocked ads tied to Black Lives Matter videos while allowing them for white nationalist groups.
  • Public Safety Is a Public Health Issue

    America's police-driven approach to public safety is not working, esp. not for Black communities. For years, activists urged us to rethink how we keep communities safe. Now US Rep. Cori Bush introduced the People’s Response Act to protect people. Tell your Representative to cosponsor it.
  • Tell Biden to Eliminate Student Loan Debt

    For too long, Black people have been trapped in lifelong, impossible-to-repay student loans. With the pandemic, people are struggling just to make rent and stay afloat. Now's the time for our president to cancel student debt.
  • Protect Our Right to Protest for Racial Justice

    Tell your governor to say no. 34 states are introducing 81 new punitive anti-protest bills to try to roll back the people power that led to the biggest leap for racial justice in generations. We can't afford to go backwards now.


  • Criminal Justice

NYPD Officer Fired for Murdering Eric Garner

Five years after the tragic and unnecessary death of Eric Garner, NYC mayor and police commissioner fired Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who put Garner in a chokehold and refused to let him go. COC members were part of a powerful coalition with dozens of groups around New York demanding justice. Though Garner’s death was ruled a homicide, until now the officers who restrained him had walked away with no consequences and their jobs intact.

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  • Criminal Justice

Holding Central Park 5 Prosecutor Accountable

Far too often, prosecutors prioritize conviction rates over the truth, ruining the lives of innocent Black and Brown people. Linda Fairstein prosecuted the Central Park Five, coercing confessions and wrongfully convicting five boys from Harlem for a brutal rape they knew nothing about. They spent years in prison before being exonerated. We went after Fairstein and persuaded Simon & Schuster to stop publishing her popular crime novels, telling the company it can’t profit off someone who reinforces racist ideas of crime and justice.

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  • Criminal Justice

Google Bans Bail Ads

Color Of Change has been working to end money bail, which is one of the largest drivers of incarceration of Brown and Black people. People should never be locked up simply because they can’t afford to pay bail. We’ve gone after the predatory bail bonds industry, partnering with Jay-Z on a video, publishing an op-ed in the New York Times, and successfully pressing Google to pull its ads for bail. This makes it harder for bail agencies to exploit people and sets a new norm that major companies should steer clear of those profiteering from mass incarceration. We are now pushing Google to conduct a full racial equity audit of their business policies and practices too.

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Color Of Change helps people respond effectively to injustice in the world around us. As a national online force driven by 7 million members, we move decision makers in corporations and government to create a more human and less hostile world for Black people, and all people. Until justice is real.


October 10, 2020

Trump’s Refusal to Condemn White Supremacy Fits Pattern of Extremist Rhetoric

Rashad Robinson is quoted in this article on Trump’s dangerous longstanding pattern of egging on white nationalists. Rashad says Trump “made his call to violence crystal clear…. Just minutes after he told a terrorist organization to ‘stand by’, they started suiting up and preparing to attack America. Trump needs white nationalists at the ready because he needs violence to win the election. He wants white nationalists to invade polling places across the country and prevent voters from voting, to invade our streets and attack people who are protesting, and to prevent ballots from being counted. He made clear that his campaign is not about winning votes, it’s about holding on to power – no matter the cost.”

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October 8, 2020

Facebook Implements New Rules to Prevent Voter Intimidation

Less than a month before the election, Facebook has announced posts with militarized language like “army” or “battle” will be removed under a new policy to try to prevent voter intimidation. The policy comes in response to a controversial Trump ad in which he calls for an “army” of supporters to show up at polling stations. A watchdog group of activists and academics – which Color Of Change is a member of – says Facebook has not nearly gone far enough in allowing “the flow of poison into the population.” COC’s President Rashad Robinson is quoted, saying calls like Trump’s are “a threat to our ability to express our will for a better future.”

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October 7, 2020

Hedge Funds Fall Flat When It Comes to Diversifying Their Ranks

Color Of Change President Rashad Robinson was interviewed for this article on how white- and male-dominated the hedge fund industry is. In 2020, not 1 of the nation’s 30 largest hedge funds is run by a woman or a person of color. Less than 20% are employees are women, and most women- or Black-owned firms have less than US$500 million in assets. Robinsons says that for the industry to make real progress firms should consider building financial incentives into hiring and retaining a diverse workforce. “When money comes into play, people get creative.”

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October 2, 2020

Facebook Finally Slowed Down—When We Needed It to Move Fast

Three years after the idea was first proposed, Facebook finally created an oversight board–but the move comes too late to stop the spread of propaganda or misinformation in the 2020 elections. The activists and organizations like Color Of Change that make up what’s privately referred to as “Facebook’s Real Oversight Board” say this is too little, too late, no more than “a corporate whitewashing exercise” without the power to influence policy. And while Facebook moves fast when business deals are on the line, the oversight board will probably not hear its first case ’til the end of 2020 at best.

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October 1, 2020

Critics Call for Facebook to Protect Democracy with 3 Urgent Steps

Color Of Change President Rashad Robinson is part of a 24-person board calling for Facebook to take three immediate steps in order to protect US democracy. First, it is calling for a ban on all paid advertising mentioning presidential election results as ballots are being counted, adding this could prevent violence from breaking out if the results are contested. Second, the board demanded “strict oversight” of all posts that mention the presidential election results in this uncertain period. Last, the board said Facebook should “enforce its own policies” to remove content that incites violence.

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October 1, 2020

Minority Entrepreneurs at Tipping Point as Black-Owned Banks Dwindle in US

Black and Brown business owners have born the brunt of businesses closing during COVID-19: from February to April, there was a 41% decline in Black-owned businesses, a 32% drop in Latinx business owners, and only a 17% decline in white-owned businesses. Lack of access to capital–fueled by racist lending practices where minority businesses receive higher interest rates and get turned down for more loans–is the main reason Black businesses go under. A recent report by Color Of Change and UnidosUS shows that among those who applied for Paycheck Protection Program support, only 12% of Black entrepreneurs received the assistance they had requested. 41% received none.

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Strategic Initiatives

Democracy & Census

Black people have the power to shape our democracy and set the agenda when they speak up and turn out in elections. Through our Black Brunches we have brought together more than 20,000 people across 20 cities—including many new to politics. Going into 2020, we have tremendous opportunities to register new voters, protect voting rights, and make sure our communities are counted and represented in the 2020 Census. We are engaging local leaders and our 1.7M members to help set a progressive agenda around criminal justice reform and boost civic participation in Black communities.

Winning Justice

No one holds more power in our justice system than prosecutors. They decide who to prosecute, what the charges will be, and routinely make decisions that destroy Black people’s lives. We are ushering in a new era of prosecutor accountability by mobilizing Black communities across the country. Already, we've pushed prosecutors and candidates in a dozen cities make pledges to cut incarceration. We continue to build momentum to end the most unjust, destructive and racist practices in our system from money bail to over-sentencing, over-policing, and sending our children to adult prisons.

COC Hollywood

TV and film play a profound role in shaping American culture. Yet, when it comes to representation of Black people, culture, and issues, far too much of the content Hollywood produces promotes dangerous misunderstandings that holds back racial justice in the real world. COC Hollywood is our initiative to change the rules in Hollywood by ensuring accurate, diverse, empathetic and human portrayals of Black people onscreen. We consult on film and TV projects, partner with changemakers inside the industry, work to raise standards around hiring and diversity, and elevate Black stories.

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