• NBC News

How the shutdown opened a window on poverty in America

Our research is cited in this article on how the government shutdown may be shifting perceptions of poverty. In a review of local and national news stories, we found that Black families represented 59 percent of the poor in the news but only made up 27 percent of the nation’s poor in real life.

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  • The Guardian

The R Kelly conundrum: does Spotify’s new mute button go far enough?

Our campaign to get R. Kelly’s catalog removed from streaming platforms is cited as a key motivator in getting Spotify to implement a new mute button that lets user block artists they take issue with. Throughout his career many Black women have come forward to say they were sexually abused by Kelly, often as young girls.

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  • Market Watch

The NAACP is calling on Facebook users to log off on Tuesday

As Color Of Change pushes Facebook to publicly release findings of their civil rights audit, which we demanded they undertake, more and more organizations are expressing their unhappiness at how Facebook treats people of color on its platform.

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