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What Defunding Police Departments Really Means For Black Communities

As cities start to slash police budgets, COC President Rashad Robinson explains why he supports defunding the police, which he calls a “violent institution,” and uplifting communities of color after decades of disinvestment. “This is not a time for tweaking or tinkering, it’s time to start over,” he says. “Minneapolis has taken the first step towards remaking public safety in a way that protects Black lives and invests in Black and Brown communities. We hope cities across the country follow.”

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Georgia Shows How Serious the Threat of Voter Suppression Will Be

Georgia’s primaries — with malfunctioning machines, long lines, polling sites that opened late and too few back up paper ballots, especially in Black neighborhoods — feel like a warning for what’s to come this November. Rashad Robinson is quoted, “The systemic under-resourcing of polling locations in predominantly Black communities like Atlanta is an intentional method of voter suppression. This is why it’s so urgent that the Senate act immediately to fully fund safe elections in the HEROES Act, and mandate that states spend that money addressing and preventing problems like the ones Georgia primary voters experienced today.”

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Murder Charge for Atlanta Cop Who Shot & Killed Rayshard Brooks Shows the “Power of a Movement”

Rashad Robinson discusses the killing of Rayshard Brooks, the charges filed against the police officers, and why it’s crucial to defund the police on Democracy Now! “What we’re seeing with these charges is a deep recognition of the power of a movement — the power of a movement to push and exact consequences. At the end of the day we have to raise the floor of what’s acceptable and we also have to keep a deep vision for what human rights looks like.”

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As Police Shows Leave TV, Activists Hope Inaccurate Portrayals Of Police Leave, Too

NPR’s Michel Martin speaks with Rashad Robinson, president of Color of Change, about the group’s ongoing campaign to put an end to harmful and inaccurate portrayals of policing on television. After they got Cops and Live PD canceled, he remarked, “What I’m encouraged by is that we are entering a new context where, hopefully, we have the ability to set new rules as more and more Americans wake up to recognizing systemic racism.”

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TV Shows Shape How Law Enforcement Is Viewed. Where Will They Go From Here?

CBS released a statement that “Black Lives, Black Culture, Black Communities Matter.” Many noted the irony, coming from a company where police and law enforcement are the stars of some of their highest-rated, longest-running shows. Color Of Change President Rashad Robinson is quoted talking about the Normalizing Justice report. “We end up with people thinking the system is working fine because of all the images coming into their homes. If you look at these shows, Black people exist. But racism doesn’t.”

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Thought Leadership

Inside Color Of Change’s Renewed Fight Against Police Procedurals: “These Shows Have an Agenda”

The Hollywood Reporter talks to Color Of Change President Rashad Robinson, after COC got ‘Cops’ and ‘Live PD’ canceled. They talk about the impact of crime TV and how what we see onscreen affects how behave in the real world. “It is the height of privilege and arrogance to think that any of us could be apolitical in writing and producing that content.” Read the full story at

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OP-ED: In Post-Coronavirus World, Politics Has to Change

In USA Today, Representative Ayanna Presley and Color Of Change President Rashad Robison write how crises always create political change. COVID-19 is showing us the need to let go of deep, destructive divisions in society around race and class and build an America that works for us all. Read the full article at

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OP-ED: The Racism that Pervaded the US Health System for Years Is Even Deadlier Now

In his latest column for the Guardian, Rashad Robinson explains how the failed and corrupt response to COVID-19 is killing Black businesses, Black jobs, Black votes and Black people – more than other communities. That’s why The Black Response and other avenues for racial justice activism are critical now. Read the full piece at

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OP-ED: Stop Blaming Black People for Dying From COVID-19

Despite incompetent responses by the government in fighting COVID-19, leaders continue to shift the blame to, you guessed it, Black people. One of the deepest habits in US politics is blaming Black people — rather than address how decades of structural racism, political exploitation, and economic exclusion have created the perfect storm devastating our communities. Read the article at

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OP-ED: Coronavirus & Racial Justice

Rashad writes in LA Progressive about how COVID-19 is Trump’s Katrina. The pandemic has reached epic proportions in the US because of a lack of corporate and government accountability. Decades of growing inequality that mean Black lives and communities are unnecessarily put at even higher risk. Read the full article at

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