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Our team

Color Of Change is a high-impact, collaborative team of activists committed to making justice real for Black people, and passionate about designing or supporting strategic, creative and winning campaigns.

Rashad Robinson

RASHAD ROBINSON @rashadrobinson


Rashad Robinson is the President of Color Of Change, the nation’s largest online racial justice organization. Driven by over one million members, Color Of Change builds power for Black people and Black communities, moving decision makers in corporations and government to create a more human and less hostile world for Black people and all people.

Under Rashad’s leadership, Color Of Change has developed winning strategies to change both the written and unwritten rules of key sectors of society that affect Black people’s lives: Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Washington, Wall Street and capitol hills around the country.

Most recently, Color Of Change developed critical strategies and a new infrastructure for mobilizing people across the country to hold their local district attorneys accountable—changing both who they are and the practices of their offices. The results include gaining ground on police accountability, ending money bail, and ending other practices driving mass incarceration and racial injustice in the criminal justice system.

Led by Rashad, Color Of Change has also successfully targeted enablers of the destructive right-wing agenda. Among those efforts: forcing changes in corporate practices at PayPal, American Express and others, to end their role in fundraising for white nationalist groups (#NoBloodMoney); forcing system changes at Airbnb and other Silicon Valley corporations, to end the rampant racism exhibited on their platforms; and forcing corporations far and wide to end their participation in programs like the Trump Business Council, which served to mainstream and enable the racist agenda of the current White House (#QuitTheCouncil).

Rashad also led winning campaigns at Color Of Change to: force over 100 corporations to stop funding the secretive, right-wing policy shop ALEC; frame net neutrality as a major civil rights issue, and win the policy fight for a free an open Internet; and end dehumanizing portrayals of Black people in both entertainment and news media, from canceling racist reality TV shows, to forcing Pat Buchanan and Bill O’Reilly off the air, to working with insiders in entertainment to promote Black voices and develop authentic, accurate and humanizing stories concerning race.

Successful Color Of Change strategies and campaigns have been profiled in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Fast Company and The Hollywood Reporter, and on CNN, NPR, PBS and MSNBC. In 2015, Fast Company named Color Of Change the 6th Most Innovative Company in the world, and in 2016, the Stanford Social Innovation Review profiled Color Of Change for its integrated online/offline strategies and for “pursuing the fight for racial justice at Internet speed.” Rashad was also an EBONY Power 100 honoree in 2015.

In addition to the outlets above, Rashad has appeared as a quoted expert, featured interviewee and op-ed author in hundreds of national and local news sources, including ABC, BET, The Root, the LA Times and Huffington Post. He also appears regularly as a keynote speaker and featured panelist at political and community events, conferences and meetings across the country.

Since joining Color Of Change in 2011, Rashad has greatly expanded the scope, voice and impact of the organization: doubling the membership, expanding to four offices (Oakland, New York, Washington, Hollywood), increasing staff tenfold, and exponentially increasing the pathways for everyday people to pursue racial justice, including industry insiders.

Prior to his work at Color Of Change, Rashad served as Senior Director of Media Programs at GLAAD— developing strategies to transform representations of LGBT people in media, and leading large-scale research, messaging alignment and engagement projects focused on changing public perception and advancing acceptance of LGBT people and their families across race, religion and geography. Earlier on, he worked to promote racial justice and voting rights at the Right to Vote Campaign and FairVote.

He is the proud recipient of awards from organizations as varied as ADCOLOR, the United Church of Christ and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Foundation, and holds an honorary degree from St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Rashad serves on the boards of Demos and the Hazen Foundation. He lives in New York City.

Sandra Bland’s prophetic words capture perfectly what we believe at Color Of Change. It’s why we do what we do. (Photo: Fibonacci Blue.)

Our Team

Color Of Change is powered by our membership, and an ever-expanding, multiracial team—in New York, Oakland, Hollywood and Washington, D.C.—with experience in strategy, organizing, media, technology and organizational growth.

Arisha Hatch

Managing Director of Campaigns

Chastity Lord

Chief Operating Officer

Samantha Antrum

Campaign Manager
Media, Democracy, & Economic Justice team

Jorge Artega

Operations Assistant

Anay Bickham

Campaign Manager
Criminal Justice

Marena Blanchard

Campaign Manager

Scott Brown

Digital Manager

Whitney Buggs

Director of Social Media & Content

Kwesi Chappin

Senior Field Director

Brandi Collins

Senior Campaign Director
Media, Democracy & Economic Justice

Jeffery Collins

Finance Associate/ Staff Accountant

Malaya Davis

Campaign Manager
Criminal Justice

Tamar Davis

Campaign Researcher

Mary Drummer

Campaign Manager

Brandy Durham

Operations Assistant

Jennifer Edwards

Deputy Director of Online Programs

Courtney Eimerman-Wallace

Director of Product

Evan Feeney

Campaign Director
Media, Democracy & Economic Justice

Tahirah Green

Associate Grant Writer

Alexsys Grishaber

Executive Assistant to the Chief of
Marketing & Storytelling

Marcus Haymon

Director of Operations & Special Projects

Kristi Henderson

Senior Director of Influencer Engagement

Andre Herring

Sr Individual Donor Associate

Devorne Hormeku

Social Media & Content Manager

Enchanta Jackson

Co-Director of Organizing
Criminal Justice

Bhavik Lathia

Digital Director

Lorran Lewis

Executive Assistant

Sonya Lewis

Special Projects Coordinator

Jade Magnus

Co-Director of Organizing
Media, Democracy & Economic Justice

Johnny Mathias

Deputy Senior Campaign Director
Media, Democracy & Economic Justice

Daniel Marks

Digital Manager

Erica Maye

Deputy Sr Campaign Director

Clarise McCants

Campaign Director
Criminal Justice

Katie McCown

Executive Assistant to Chastity Lord

Michael Meadows

Graphic Designer

Alicia Meeks

Director of the Executive Office

Kristen Miller

Campaign Manager
Criminal Justice

Marybeth Onyeukwu

Senior Campaign Manager

Corina Petty

Field Manager
Media, Democracy & Economic Justice

Samantha Phillips

Talent & Operations Manager

Charlene Piper

Senior Development Manager

Nancy Polio

Operations Assistant

Eesha Ramanujam

Campaign Researcher

Scott Roberts

Senior Campaign Director
Criminal Justice

Reagan Ross

Campaign Researcher

Vanessa Ross

Manager of Social Media & Content

Sana Saleem

Senior Writer

Ana Sauceda

Web Developer

Ismael Savadogo

Chief Financial Officer

Charles Scott

Director of IT Operations

Rashid Shabazz

Chief Marketing & Storytelling Officer

Sareya Shorter

Executive Assistant

Gillian Shurland

Human Resources Manager

Mary Snowden-Lorence

Director of Talent & Leadership

Chad Stanton

Campaign Manager
Media, Democracy & Economic Justice

Shannon Talbert

Field Director

Angela Vo

Campaign Manager

Alicia Walker

Executive Assistant

Kimberly Washington

Operations Assistant

James Williams

Director of Finance & Accounting

Danne Woo

Creative Technologist, MDF Fellow

Hope Wood

Deputy Managing Director of Campaigns
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