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November 2023

It’s always the right time to give

The holidays are a time of giving. 

And here at Color Of Change, we are grateful for all the support that has allowed us to help everyday people to transform their communities and the world.

Because of your commitment and resources, Color Of Change partnered with a coalition of directly impacted people to win a legislative guarantee that phone and video calls from Massachusetts prisons and jails keeping families connected will be free beginning Dec. 1. We shared stories that prioritize reproductive freedom through our Liberated Bodies platform. We uplifted the voices of young people and educators when we called on Scholastic to reverse efforts to white-wash Black history. And we applauded decision-makers for their progress on our demands. But we continue to hold the line until everyone is treated with basic human dignity and respect.

Most importantly, we deeply engage with our members to innovate our approach to racial justice because the issues that matter most to you and our members evolve quickly and constantly.

Color Of Change doesn’t take a dime from corporations or lobbyists, so our ability to help unleash the power of everyday folks comes from the support of grassroots donors like you.

While Giving Tuesday is over, it’s always the right time and right day to carry on the spirit of giving! Consider a gift today to our end-of-year fundraising drive. Your gift will help sustain our efforts to create a more human and less hostile world for Black people in America.

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Defend Black History Summit

Saturday, March 9, 2024, in Charlotte, North Carolina

Join Color Of Change and The National Education Association in Charlotte, NC for the Defend Black History Summit to collectively build power and protect the quality of education in our schools.