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Color Of Change Responds to Trump’s Reinstatement on Facebook

For Immediate Release: January 25, 2023
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Color Of Change Responds to Trump’s Reinstatement on Facebook

NATIONWIDE — Following Facebook’s decision to reinstate former President Donald Trump’s account, Color Of Change President Rashad Robinson released the below statement:

“If leaders in Congress don’t step up to regulate platforms like Facebook that enable the limitless amplification of lies, hate and violence, we will continue to see cowardly decisions from CEOs like Zuckerberg who think first about protecting profits and second — if at all — about protecting people’s lives.

“Donald Trump is a dangerous propagator of hate and misinformation—that’s how he used Facebook before they suspended his account, and that’s how an even more desperate and reckless Trump will use it now. But the problem isn’t just Facebook’s irresponsible decision to reactivate Trump and make the rest of us pay for the damage he causes. It’s that this decision is being made by a single person who is not accountable to anyone, in a tech sector that is barely regulated.

“Color Of Change is calling on lawmakers to step up in the face of Mark Zuckerberg caving in, which means putting the Black Tech Agenda into law in order to protect people’s rights and safety online. Facebook claims its newest set of rules for Trump will be different, but these commitments mean nothing when the company has already gutted its election team, reducing it from 300 employees to merely 60. A self-regulated corporation is an unregulated corporation. We need Congress to act now.”


About Color Of Change
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