Tell The NYTimes: Fix your broken editing process

The New York Times finally expressed remorse for publishing Alessandra Stanley’s outrageous “angry Black women” op-ed. But that's not good enough. With zero Black critics on staff and a history of highly-offensive articles receiving the green light, it is clear The New York Times has a problem.

Send a comment to the Times’ Public Editor, Margaret Sullivan, asking that she keep the pressure on The New York Times to reveal a plan to bring greater diversity to its newsroom and keep racist articles like Stanley’s out of their newspaper. More...

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  • Demand the New York Times retract "angry Black women" rant on Shonda Rhimes

    An outrageous NY Times op-ed by Alessandra Stanley dismisses Shonda Rhimes and her many fascinating and complex Black women characters as “angry Black women." Demand an apology from the New York Times and Alessandra Stanley, and a retraction of her harmful op-ed. Read More

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  • Adrian Franks

    Tell Walmart: Release the tapes to ensure justice for John Crawford

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