We have a key opportunity to transform discriminatory and violent policing nationwide

As we continue to fight for justice for Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Ramarley Graham and so many others whose lives have been taken at the hands of racially-motivated and violent local law enforcement, the federal government has a clear role to play in overturning the conditions that led to these tragedies, and setting a higher standard of policing across the country. In key ways, the standards, policies, and practices of the executive branch set the tone and tactics of local and state law enforcement. More...

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  • Tell Jon Husted it's time to debate

    Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted dodges debates while continuing to attack the voting rights of Ohio resident. We need Husted to agree to a televised debate with Senator Nina Turner and ensure the integrity of the voting process. Read More

  • Georgia Senator Says "Voting Too Easy for Black Voters"

    After hearing that new voting locations would be set up in DeKalb County, Georgia Senator Fran Millar thinks that voting is too easy for Black voters. Read More

  • Tell the FCC: protect net neutrality

    The FCC is on the verge of giving corporations unprecedented control over what we say and do online. Big Telecom wants to kill net neutrality, and the FCC may let them do it, unless enough of us speak out and demand they protect the open Internet. Read More