Lindsay Eyth

Ferguson is America

Recently, the Department of Justice (DOJ) failed to indict Officer Darren Wilson for racially profiling and brutally killing Michael Brown. While the DOJ found Ferguson and St. Louis police guilty of widespread abuse, racial profiling, and brutal misconduct, it's not enough. Ferguson is America and tragic and unjust police killings of Black and brown people are happening almost every week nationwide. Will you email the White House directly and urge Pres. Obama to sign an executive order enforcing and expanding federal bans on discriminatory policing and strengthening police accountability mechanisms nationwide?

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  • The Post and Courier’s shameful Walter Scott article

    The Post and Courier's lop-sided initial reporting on the murder of Walter Scott assisted local police in disseminating false truths and protecting a murderer. Demand they issue a public apology immediately.
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  • Tell advertisers to ditch Bill O'Reilly

    With such a large following and platform, O’Reilly must be held accountable for his continual dissemination of harmful mistruths about Black communities.Stand with us in demanding advertisers turn their backs on Bill O'Reilly once and for all. Read More

  • Tell the Academy: disclose your diversity numbers

    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has a diversity problem; illuminating that problem is the first step. Demand they officially disclose their diversity numbers, and take substantive steps toward becoming a more inclusive organization. Read More